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  1. yes sir, swiftech spacers.
  2. hey guys, ive got a 7950gx2 with a larger bridge and 2 vf900s mounted on it with some swiftech heatsinks on some of the hotter spots of the card. it does 600/775 without a hitch. wondering what you guys would price it at. thanks, WoL
  3. i cant find this thread anywhere as id like tot ry it. linky please?
  4. hey guys - if anyones looking to rid themselves of an opty or a x2, im looking to buy a 2meg cacher that hits 2.7. lemme know - wol
  5. thanks sharpy. i knew the about the data rates already but thanks for the in depth. youve elft me wondering why pc23200 is slower then pc3200, im assuming ddr 2 can do the same timings at an even lower voltage, no? also, i knew already of those manufacturers, but who makesd what? in the sense of, well. ocz's plate rev 2 ddr 400 was tccd, but ocz's gold ddr 500 was VX (?)? are we starting to see differances in DDR2 ranges? or only manufacturer based?
  6. hi guys, im just wondering about the difference in ddr2 memories. kinda like TCCD/VX etc etc when it comes to DDR. i hacvent heard ,uch about the ddr2 memory types, except the name alone micron D's. any info would be great. thanks, WoL
  7. expect to see some kind of 8850/8900 variant. they will get GDDR4 and a die shrink for sure. gonna keep my rig going as long as it cant till K8L drops and i weight the options. got my spacer kit and will be slapping a couple of vf900s on there.
  8. well he is, but modano is a sakic type. or shanahan if you will. timeless. hell put up 70 poitns again this year. cole scored a hat trick tonight, guess ill hold on to him.
  9. simple. modano for cole. what do you think? im weak in lw's as it is, but coles neck wont hold up im sure. what do you guys think? this is for my pool
  10. hmm. mine isnt noisy, but has both the clicking noise and the buzz. i would rma it but the goonz at ocz dont do advanced
  11. god damn you dumb americans. i think the enxt time i SEE an american anywhere eear my back yard im going to pull out a ide and spray them in the face, and then burn the damn flag. reelfiels. ANTI FREEZE? wtf are you a sick pig? remind me if i ever meet you to punch you as many times as possible. Ms molt - you truly are a genious and so are you drmalenko "You could give in and put them a bucket of water out where they wouldnt bother other things..." these coons were there before you homie. god damned smack tards from hell. good thing im not a mod here or i would ban each an every one of your accounts. . like this pisses me off. thats it. im going to the border @ plattsburgh tomorow and im going to plant some "humane" traps. edit: as for ponderingpete, hes from toronto, so he might as well be considered american.
  12. are you guys still playing? i played and beat darkstar one, and ive been craving more DS1ish action. while eve is not as arcadey gameplay wise, its still pretty good. my name is WoL-Shiver, and ill be starting my game tonight sometime. hmm im wondering why the game has no inengine AA options. also, should i be using the lod, and dithering options? theres a few more, like 8 bit alpha, and the DOF buffers. whats best?
  13. viper, any idea if the mc14s will fit if i mount vf900's on it?
  14. you guys think a 700 watt gamexstream can handle one of these? we all need to understand one thing. dx10 cards will run dx9 games VERY FAST, simply because of the cards basis on dx10 and the low driver overhead in dx10. ill put bets on this, but since fear works real well with quad sli (sli on one pair and 16x/8xAA sli on the other pair), the g 80 will probably kill quad in f.e.a.r.
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