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  1. I had this many moons ago - I just ripped everything out the box. and setup again on the mobo case - with the anti static sheet and padding underneath. I have the same RAM, it WORKS at default voltage with 1 stick, I find thats its holding me back to be honest or it does not like the memory timings the motherboard sets. I cannot get the thing to boot above 380FSB on either 533 or 400 - thats fully auto or manual. clockgen works better mind. I run my memory at 2.15v also. Hopefully when your running (yes start from scratch) you can see if your memory gets the same results as mine.
  2. I have done the journey over from the CFX3200 - its been worth it. My first board (975) has a problem with the CPU socket, so am waiting to RMA it, still no word from DFI after 6 days so I'll chase that up. But when I got one that worked its great - get some good-ish memory, I get problems above 380FSB getting it to POST, sure its the memory thats holding me back, also CPU wise go no lower than an E6400 with this board - the E6600 is the sweet spot. Performance wise its laughing at my Opty 170 (2.6Ghz) that was in the CFX3200 and thats at my current 2.8Ghz. There is loads of guides to use with this board too, I find also you can crank more speed out of this with memset and clockgen in windows. I boot mine at 2.5Ghz then use clockgen the rest of the way as I can tweak more memory options and it easily runs 24/7 at 400FSB Also there is no HDD errors, and also there is NO HDD Errors - technically thats one point but its such an important point for CFX3200 owners its worth mentioning twice.
  3. Chump - when you overclocked your little E6300 did you run 1:1 or 4:5?
  4. Have got it to 380 x 7 in the white slots but going on from there is no boot, just a click every so often but no POST beep. I think the memory is not working with this board - it even approaches 800 (apart from stock) and it locks - I'm sure the timings are not being set correctly Am going to drown this in voltage and push with clockgen!
  5. Man, it seems your having your own memory problems - I'll try to see what mine does when I move it to the white slots - see what CPUid says for you
  6. Good enough for me - just pray it gets rid of this no POST issue, I would not mind it failing Orthos at some speed but at least POST for me! If not then I'm going to clockgen it to death, at 2.8Ghz the max CPU temp was 43c - so it will happily take more vcore I reckon
  7. I take it your memory (when u used this board) was in the white slots?
  8. Well its stable at 2.8Ghz - looking at CPUid - on the SPD tab - its shows the memory with the code - OCZ2P800R21G and at 400 rating it shows the timings of 5,5,5,15 and a TRC of 22 Is this even the right RAM? Will be trying the White slots later today
  9. Interesting - thanks You might have someone here that cannot get to 3Ghz!! I am trying the white slots tomorrow then it looks like 2.8Ghz max - 3Ghz crashed on me when I ran Orthos. Also when it does not POST I get a long beep then a pause then another long beep as so on, think its the memory. Shame I got this OCZ cos it was a great deal hope its not too good a deal!!
  10. Well using Clockgen I am now at 3Ghz - 429FSB - will Stress test this with Orthos overnight - then if OK I will just leave the BIOS as it is - apart from some tweaks to voltages - then see what Clockgen can push it too in windows. Got 18.953 secs in super PI so its definately improved the speed.
  11. Found this advice in another thread Try to set TRFC to 35 with MemSet and overclock with clockgen in windows. I'm sure that you will pass 400FSB with ease....use loose timings. Use 400 or 533 divider to be sure that your Ram isn't keeping you down. It work for me and some ppl I know... http://www.diy-street.com/forum/showthread...ighlight=memset Guess what switched to 35 - and I am at 400FSB 2.8Ghz no problem! If I left it at 20 something it was (TRFC) and try it hard locks the PC
  12. I'll try the white slots for the RAM here is the settings that Memset 3.2 shows when I run it 5 5 5 15 7.8us Page Close Idle Timer - 16T tRFC - 28 Read Delay tRD - 7 Write to Precharge Command - 12 Write to Read Command - 10 Read-Write Turnaround Clocks - 8 Write-Read Turnaround Clocks - 5 tRTP - 4 Write-Write Turnaround Clocks - 6 Also I have been running almost always on 533 - this current 371FSB setting is on 533. Hopefully I do not have BIOS corruption - when I switch to the white slots I do a killCMOS from Tmod's CD, then test again. If I get no luck I'll upgrade back to the latest BIOS and try again or else I'm stuck at 371 ;-( My overclocking monster would be pulling a massive 41c on the CPU - wow what a waste. I know my board says has a code AD0
  13. Cannot get over 371FSB - will not POST - tried every setting - stock, fully auto, manual no POST on anything over 371. Have downgraded to Dec 06 BIOS - same result - I have just checked CPUid at 371 here and on memory it shows - 5,5,5,15 cos I left it at auto But it also shows TRC at 1, could it be incorrectly configuring the memory - I have the mem in the blue slots - going to give clock gen a try - will post some settings of Memset 3.1 when I find it.
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