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  1. Its starting to go bad :sad: Last night eve kept ctd'ing, but i figured it was just eve. I just started computer and it hung at the last screen with the slider going left right at bottom. Just kept going back and forth. Restarted, asked me what mode i wanted to start in since windows failed to start last session. I chose "last known good/working configuration" And here i am. I have tried defragging at this point in the past, but it really makes no differance. She's on a one way course to doom now. Nforce 6.70 geforce 81.98 AMD 64 processor driver eve Yahoo anti vir/spy Teamspeak Smart guardian No im. programs have been installed or activated. Windows explorer looks real empty, im positive this is not a software problem. Ram settings are great white hope now.
  2. No i cant say i agree with that statement one bit. Second card mainly adds framerates with stability. They just dont drop under load like a single card. Its a max out every game kinda situation. No more tweaking game ini's for a few more fps, you just dont need em.
  3. Im sorry that last post got scrambled, could not make out transmision, appears to have been scrambled.......... Back on topic, the memory timings are a real possibility, as i havent really touched them beyond what was shown in build guides.
  4. Mirrored. If i can keep it running, ill be happy enough.
  5. If i had one of those it sure would make my sluething easier, hehe. UPDATE: No problems thus far, ive really become to busy playing eve to take the time to try differant programs, and quite honestly, im afraid too. My frames in eve with everything cranked at 1600x1200 bottom out at around 87, and hit highs of 127. Im not fudging these numbers with readings at or near warp, lol. Computer is kicking arse just like it does evertime i go thru this. The future is a scary place right now.......
  6. One of my buds is gonna hook me up with a thorax as soon as i can afford the insurance. Untill then im training my industry skill so i can haul mining spoils for him. Pretty sure support sounds like my cup of tea. Angry your present skill sheets show me how far i have to go.
  7. The way it was explained to me by BFG, was if the cards have identical specs they will work, but if one variable in its core is differant, it will not. A card sold as overclocked will not work with a card that all stock. a "GTX" will not work with a "GTX OC" The next ? you have to ask yourself, is how comfortable are you that the listed spec you see, is correct. Comfortable enough to risk a restocking fee if its not? IMO i would want to test a card before i bought it, barring that, get an identical one. I learned all this when i built my system, and only bought one card. When i went back to get another, it was discontinued. I called BFG directly to find out my options, but a member of this forum found my matched card for sale on the internet by another vendor. So i got my matched set anyway. But BFG had already told me i could just get there newer/repackaged GTX or anyones 7800GTX that had identical specs.
  8. For what its worth, passed memtest and prime x2 with flying colors. Even took away spare fan i had blowing on memory to make sure it wasnt a heat thing. I havent loaded anything except eve, so i guess tonight i try BF2 and see what happens. When and if it decides to kill the array, it will go down like this. If im in BF2, i will slowly see frames drop, and general increase in lag. CTD or complete lock will follow. I swear it feels like a memory leak in the game, but what would i the end user know. After the first time it fudges. I can restart, go play again untill the next time it dies i get the blue windows screen giving the "Windows has shut down to keep your computer from complelty hosing itself" or similar error message. Getting it restarted after that error message will be a task. Ive seen it lock at inital detections showing only my memory timings. Ive seen it detect drives, and lock there. One time all it said was "nothing found". Usually a few alt + ctrl + deleates wil get it past initial boot problems. Then scan disk will take over, scan everything and say its all good. Boot into windows, and maybe it will work, or maybe it will lock as soon as i hit start button. Very shaky rig after first take over by scan disc. Ususally next restart will kill array, and ill be down to 3 drives. The first time i went thru this, i just re-did it with 3 drives. 2 weeks or so later it died in same manner. This time i tried getting all 4 drives going as a test, and they all fired right up. one week later BF2 killed it again. Thats when i decided that raid was more then likely at fault since the drives really didnt die, but rather the signals going to it got hosed while in a game. The first time i set drives as sata1 transfer rate, after that they have been at sata2. I need to take a complete set of bios pictures, and post them. I keep telling myself that some were im efing this computer up, but i really cant figure out what im doing to it. Last run had following installed only: BF2 BF2 CCA (server manager) EA downloader IGA/Fileplanet downloader Americas Army Eve online TeamSpeak Paintshop Pro 8 (Psp 10 has compatiblilty problems with newer nvidia drivers) No i didnt even have anitvirus in, as i was trying to eliminate that from the equation. Whats is there to protect on a system that gets reformatted so often, lol. I was considering the thought that maybe i have a bad sata connector, and should invest in 4 really good cables with those positive locks on the ends. Any thoughts there?
  9. id sure like to see em. Im finishing level 5 learning in next day or so in hopes of dropping the learning times down. Got podded by a drone pirate, and decided thats not gonna happen again. Figured id get all my learning up there, then move on to mechanic/engineering upper levels to get a better handle on energy controls/charictaristics. Both times that ive been podded, i was set to warp, but missed it by a grain of salt due to a drained capacitor.
  10. Everything seems normal. Going to let memtest run over night, will check forums in morning to see if i should let it run longer. Prime 95 is next.
  11. Roadie i understand your logic, but this is no figment of my imagination. The drives have corrupted a total of 4 times. I have become quite the seasoned vetern of setting the array, and loading everything in. The only thing im going to try differantly this time is loading the X2 patch from MS, and the X2 driver from amd prior to installing chipset drivers. Saw someone mention this in a expert thread, and figure its worth a try. I am formatting for 2 x 2 mirror right now. If this corrupts, i guess its time to pack it all up, and see when Angry might have a chance to squeeze me in. I dont care if he keeps it for 2 months, as long as i get some stability. I have no pictures of grander in my head, i know the problem lies with somthing im doing wrong. I know its not a hardware problem, but operator error
  12. 1. Im sitting here wondering if i should do a mirror set up? 2. Would it be less likely to corrupt? I really dont need much hard drive space, as this machine is for gaming only.
  13. Ps2 ports only need one spark to fry. Unplugging a ps2 mouse when the system is running (hot swap) is a sure way to waste that port. I did this to a msi board, and had basically the same problem your having now. If you return board, knowing you hot swapped, im sure it will only take dfi engineers a few minutes to see what occured, a void warrenty. Maybe keep this post near top to try and get info on how to test it with a multimeter. In my case, frying that port forced me to buy my first mobo, which was the DFI LP 875 pro. Ive increased my computer knowledge so much from frying that port:)
  14. Anyone know a name for this utility?
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