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  1. All of this is hypothetical. General Math - I have a server that houses a SQL database. The database resides on RAID 10 made up of 4 15k RPM SAS drives. I want to figure up what my total available IOPS is for this array. For the sake of this example I'm going to assume that each drive has an available IOPS of 150. My total IOPS for this array would be 450(factoring in the RAID 10 write penalty)? Planning - I plan on running an application that utilizes SQL for data storage. There are apparently 4 different criteria I need to know to plan appropriately; RAID, Total IOPS needed, Read workload, and Write Workload. Without having the application setup or a system to benchmark on, how can I come up with my workload requirements for this application? Performance Measuring - I walk into a business that would like an overall audit performed on their existing equipment. They have a server setup running as a Print and File Server that I want to measure IOPS on as they have grown since they put that server in. Array stats would be 4 10k RPM drives (assume 100IOPS per drive) in a RAID 5 configuration. That should give me 500 IOPS available for the array. I monitor the Disk I/O and come up with 60 reads/sec, 95 writes/sec. This gives me an avg IOPS of 77.5 rounded to 78, ~40% read/60% write functions. Do the math, (78 x .4) + (78 x .6) * 4 = 311.2 IOPS on this array. Which is within my available IOPS calculated for this array Does all of this sound correct or am I way off base? Edit: Sorry for the delay. Had to sit down and come up with a way to write out my confusion.
  2. Does anyone here have knowledge of IOPS, their calculations, and their application in real world performance measuring? I've been reading up on IOPS and have a few questions about some things I can't wrap my mind around.
  3. When I jumped on there were 5 then Toasty and Killa left. Krazy, Shallow, and I played for awhile after that, this was between 8-10pm central for me. You need to get on the vent server tbh. If anyone needs a mic check the free to a good home thread. I offered up a spare mic to anyone that doesn't have one. Hint hint Shallow
  4. I have a mic that I will donate to either sdy or shallow....you must speak on vent
  5. The police will be busy with all the rape that happened last night. Was a very good time Can't wait to do it again
  6. I was in a state of rage last night. I pull in 28 of my squad's kills and we still only have 40 kills by the time the round is over. My teams are always garbage...I really need to find you guys in game.
  7. I'll be on tonight around 8 central if anyone wants to join in.
  8. I recently built my own desk. Bought an old 8 pane glass door from an antique store, sand it down and stained it. Picked up some wood from lowes and built legs that I found on Ikea. All I need to pick up now is my glass top to give everything an even surface. Total cost was <$200 and I got exactly what I wanted, long desk with plenty of open space.
  9. ReMoose


    dumb people don't exist sir...their simply ignorant
  10. I use Gray and Black at work. At home i'm rockin' the default
  11. ReMoose


    You got to love new PCs....I got a dell netbook a few months back. Similar crap on it, first thing i did was gather drivers and load a fresh copy of XP from thumb drive.
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