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Mine change pretty often. The intel I play around with things like WindowBlinds, Smartbar XP, Desktop Sidebar etc.

The AMD I don't like to clog up with all that crap.







I run em both through a kvm, so the different colours help to tell which one I'm on.

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found this at a site that contained a bunch of "you know you're a redneck if" kinda things. This one said something about being the first to pass out at a party. Wish I could find that site, it was hilarious. Made this my current wallpaper. What makes it funnier to me, is that we have stacked many pillows and blankets and whatever on friends and family when they have passed out. I'm not talking a few blankets, I mean many big ones all around and stacked high, and the person wakes up and literally has to dig their way out.


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That's a whale of a desktop matey.

Everything shipshape.

A sharp seamen likes to see everything at a glance. :cool:


Now be movin that WinAmp just a tad starboard on an even keel with MBM5.

Like the Naval Academy, straight lines and stuff.

Might want to put a pic of one of your Pirate pals down in the corner/hold

Or a pic of a lil pirate ship or maybe you and dat fish since you got the nice water.


Click dat lil lock deal and get CPU usage and Exhaust fan cleaned up too


big thumbs up. +10 for MBM5 usage AND Gold Star.

And swab that deck and get the parrott sheet off it.


here's one of my favorites cause we work on a lot of em.



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Oops, I just fixed the CPU useage and it shows now. I had it working previously but I crashed MBM5 badly to the point of corruption yesterday when I tossed a Half Life guide at my CD stack and hit the power switch on the Power stip. This was about .05 seconds before windows finished booting. I had to delete and replace the config (at the programs insistance) file with a copy of the one from the mbm thread. The exh at 0 is just to fill the grid and is the only dead (nothing plugged into it) sensor.


The place to go *(and the point if their is one.) is to the walpaper I have in my desktop, digitalblasphemyDOTcom website has the best images are they are the creme de la creme of eye candy for the desktop. IMHO of course.

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