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  1. I'd check for a new bios. At least a few bioses across a few manufacturers have had cold boot bugs.
  2. My prior 1700x and now my 3600x both, spikes up to 1.46 during light loads and sometimes stays there for awhile. Haven't worried about it and haven't seen any degradation. I do have an aio water cooler and temps never hit 80c though.
  3. any all-in-one water cooler will be fine. I'd just pick the one with the best warranty, without also being too expensive, compared to the others. I'd also wait another week or 2 to buy a cpu, the next series (5xxx naming scheme). There are reports of them around 29% faster in light loads and will be much better for gaming and well, probably everything. If you can't afford the 5600X, at least the prices on the current ones will be dropping.
  4. with the next generation (ryzen 6000 series?) going to require a new socket, there will be very few willing to buy a new mb for a single cpu upgrade, and instead just wait. I'd like to think that the mb manufacturers would want to simply update their bioses and keep their customers happy, in hopes that customers consider them when buying the next socket
  5. AMD has said multiple times now that all 450 and 470's will be supported. I know the individual mb manufacturers have to make a new bios using the new agesa that AMD will give them but I don't really see any of them failing to do so
  6. Should also review some benchmarks, preferably ones that use the games you intend to play, to see if that video card can put out the fps you're looking for. At 1920x1080 I would think it would be ok. But for another $50 you can get the 5700xt which is about 30% better on average. It also has 8gb of video ram that would allow for higher quality textures, AA, AF, etc. But does not have the RTX technology. Even so, the 2060 sucks at it any way, imo
  7. Yes, get a 550 or 570 motherboard. And if the build can wait until after nov 5th when the new cpu's come out, then you can either spend a little more and get a 5600x cpu (less threads but with the additional, reported 20% IPC improvement, and higher clock speed, will out perform the 3800x, or stick with the 3800x but the prices will likely drop once the 5000 series are available. And the corsair 750 is a decent power supply, that's actually the one I've had for 3.5 years now and works great. But if you want the newest nvidia cards, or the soon to be released AMD cards, they may require more.
  8. if pictures are required in this post, feel free to delete it. If someone is interested, pm me and I will upload them there, maybe that will change it. All items are pretty clean and work well.
  9. weird they are showing for me. they arent links, I uploaded them
  10. what happened to all my pics? they were there last night?!
  11. Offering these to my friends here before they go up on ebay. All prices do not include shipping. I'm at 44030 if you want to figure out an estimate on the shipping, but I wouldn't guess anything would be more than $15. I prefer the continental USA but I might be able to make exceptions at your cost. It will be USPS, as the nearest for anything else is 30 miles away, and packed well. Everything is used but works good, as it was just now taken out of a my system, except for the cooler - it is brand new, only taken out of the box for this picture. I can not offer any kind of warranty, guarantee, or returns on anything. It's all working very well right now but due to the nature of electronics, I can't be held reliable for what crazy types of things you overclockers might do to them First is a XFX 390 8gb video card. I bought this from another member here, Cchalogamer, 3 years ago. To my knowledge it has never been used for mining. It has worked wonderfully, and is still a solid card to this day for 1920x1080 gaming. I did have a minor overclock on it for a short time but just decided to go back to stock settings as it wasn't providing much of a boost in the few older games I play. Nice metal backplate. If you are into mining, I've read that this is still a decent one to use. Only reason I'm selling is because I bought a 5700xt. Price: $110 Next is 2 x 8gb of G. Skill 3200mhz ram, specs here https://www.newegg.com/g-skill-16gb-288-pin-ddr4-sdram/p/N82E16820231929?Description=f4-3200c16d-16gtzb&cm_re=f4-3200c16d-16gtzb-_-20-231-929-_-Product&quicklink=true. I think it's hynix but not 100% sure. Never overclocked. Selling because I wanted 32gb and figured I should get a complete set and was a reason to get some 3800mhz Price $25 SOLD to damian Next up is a Motorola modem / router / wifi all-in-one. Model 6580. Specs say it will do 343mbps. I switched isp's and the new one provided me with a free and better one (so they claim). Price $30 Next is an AMD Wraith Spire cooler. Brand new, never installed. Removed from box for this picture only. I got it with my 3600x a few months back and using an aio instead. Price $10 Sorry for the poor quality pics. My phone camera lens is scratched up :/ I can try for better ones upon request.
  12. Can anyone tell me, with confidence either way, if this cooler in the link below would work on an evga 980ti hydro copper gaming video card? I might be able to get a nice used one at a decent price, which is about a 60% improvement over my 390. But I don't have, and don't want to start, a full custom loop that the hydro copper is now. The cooler below says it is compatible with several different cards including the 1080 and 1080ti but doesn't list the 980 series. https://www.amazon.com/ID-COOLING-FROSTFLOW-Graphic-Radiator-Compatible/dp/B081V8FSJ9/ref=pd_sbs_504_1/147-2641126-9799657?_encoding=UTF8&pd_rd_i=B081V8FSJ9&pd_rd_r=52a6a729-0d6a-4dba-b4ef-f4c11a9fc068&pd_rd_w=OSGnw&pd_rd_wg=mIEHv&pf_rd_p=bdc67ba8-ab69-42ee-b8d8-8f5336b36a83&pf_rd_r=42JG2K1P68H8BKHWKHEY&psc=1&refRID=42JG2K1P68H8BKHWKHEY
  13. I don't play online first person shooters, or rarely anything brand new that requires the latest, greatest. For me, typically buying a new midrange-high card, or a used- top of the line, but a generation or 2 old is more than enough. Thankfully, because the prices of gpu's have got out of control.
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