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    Dell 24" UltraSharp 2408 and 50" hdtv
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    Asus Crosshair VI x370
    AMD Ryzen 1700 @ 4000mhz
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  1. Fight Game

    need a pic resized for FB round photo

    thats 60% using windows paint
  2. Fight Game

    [WTS] Intel 1155 Hardware and More

    sent you a pm. is the gpu still available?
  3. Fight Game

    System upgrade advice needed

    I wouldn't yet.
  4. Fight Game

    Song identifier for windows?

    there is also a youtube video of all the cut scenes and I see this one there. but it doesn't list music credits
  5. Fight Game

    Song identifier for windows?

    you might have tried this but I simply searched "just cause 2 music credits" and found this list. could it be one of these? https://justcause.fandom.com/wiki/Just_Cause_2_Soundtrack
  6. Fight Game

    New here

  7. Fight Game

    GPU Usage 60-80% Help!

    Don't do any of those 8 things. Edit: 7 things, he listed 1 twice. haha. I also wonder why he tells you to go through those first 7 steps first, and then on the 8th step, tells you what worked for him. We need some kind of simple test here to prove you are human in order to join the site.
  8. Fight Game

    Official OCC 2018 Christmas Contest

    congratulations to the winners and thanks to those who donated.
  9. Fight Game

    Official OCC 2018 Christmas Contest

    sweet! I only had 3 warning points before! Now I get -203?!?!
  10. Fight Game

    Official OCC 2018 Christmas Contest

    And the winners are..... haha. made ya look.
  11. Fight Game

    Official OCC 2018 Christmas Contest

    thanks occ and anyone who donates. good luck all
  12. bad colors because they are being copied and pasted from several sites. it's all spam
  13. I can only speak of my experiences and the little I read about. They're mostly fine until you have an issue and then the support sucks.
  14. Fight Game

    SSHD RAID 0 write and read speeds

    try a benchmark that shows cpu% during the test