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  1. Angry, my domain name is rogers.com Just replied u back
  2. Yes Angry. Correct! Here's another review, not bad at all. http://enthusiast.hardocp.com/article.html...oZW50aHVzaWFzdA==
  3. Angry, not sure will u interest my i650 chipset mobo, so far I pushed this to 3.6GHz stable for daily use. It got RAID, SLI, eSATA & digital out. http://www.digital-daily.com/motherboard/a..._sli/index3.htm
  4. Thx for all info, I am good now. So far this pair of Ballistix running with the same tight timing as the Corsair 6400C3 as 3-3-3-3 [email protected] DDR800 but I think is my board's limitation, I can't get dual Prime stable over 800 at all. So I am still stuck @ 3600MHz. Both RAMs act the same, so D9 is not the factor stopping me. And its so strange, my previous P5B-e hit 3600MHz too & dual SuperPi32M is one minute faster than this P5N-e with timing like 4-4-4-12 & I believe the P5B-e (Intel 965 chipset) is 2T(no change option) & this P5N-e is 1T. So, obviously if I need to get more OC, then I should either switch back to a better 965 chipset board or 680i then.
  5. Finally digged out the parts# from the ram & matched with the Crucial site. Yes, they are PC8000 & I think from CPU-z that is the SLI so if the board can read the new SLI spec then this ram will automatically clock to the highest spec which is PC8000. Thanks!
  6. @puzzled May be the DFI layout are like that, my previous Venus also can only mount vertically but I can mount mine to the ASUS horizontal to blow air out of that case now.
  7. Recently bought 2GB of this Crucial from other forum. Strange thing is from CPU-z the ram displayed like this?! Just wonder if anyone have this ram got the same thing or I got something bad? Thx. :confused:
  8. I tell u, I sold mine for $200 a month ago. So, good luck.
  9. U need to put in a price.
  10. I changed the LDT from 5 to 4 to see if there is any performance difference but can't see any.
  11. nice price for e6700 Bump 4 u man!!
  12. Not running sync. If I running sync the board becomes unstable, keep freezing in Windows. From my FSB & MEM screen.... Unlinked..1600..800... what about yours? Are u using BIOS 0401 or else?
  13. This is the best I can push this board with the Corsair 2GB C3 ram. No matter how I increasing vDimm or vCore, still the same. The max I can reach is 3,712MHz = 1650/4*9 but will hang when SuperPi. Timing is tight but not enough bandwidth... I cannot increase the ram even to 410MHz. Any idea?! :confused: Is it really the board limitation for the ram? http://i13.tinypic.com/44uy69e.jpg http://i19.tinypic.com/4ghljwj.jpg
  14. Recently switched from Opteron to Core2Duo. I had 2 RAID0 Raptors used to run on my previous DFI Venus board. Now I switched to ASUS board & running Core2Duo. Also the new board got RAID controller too but for sure is a different one. Can anyone tell me is it possible to break the old RAID config & able to retrieve files back from it? :sad: Thanks for all inputs. :angel:
  15. Thanks! Touchline, very nice of your detailed info, from the above picutre I see the HR-05 SLI is completely out of the way from the chipset base. So, if I install this (let's say without fan), my noctua will not touch this NB HS at all. And since I mounted 2 fans on the Noctua which blow air direct out to the chasis fan & it should provide enough air flow down there. That's good, so I am getting this & just buy a little HS for the SB at the same time. BTW, Mine is running 9 x 400MHz 3-3-3-1 1T 1:1 dual SuperPi32M rock solid. But can't increase the ram much... even 900MHz my windows will freeze & I loosen the timing to 5-5-5-15 2T still the same. I think is the BIOS which holding the ram back. Unlinked, FSB 1600, MEM 800 now from BIOS, what about yours?
  16. Wish that I can put this on too but my Noctua already touching the top of the NB from one side, Touchline could you please send me a close up of the NB, so I can determine if this setup will work in my PC? Thanks!
  17. Hey El, Where you got your SuperTalent? R they Micron D9? I want to buy Cell Shock but can't find in Canada... Anyways I am happy with my 2 sets of Corsair. I will start playing with the 8000UL after I know more about this mobo, so keep posting how goes with your OC then, me too.
  18. Cleared CMOS, reset jumper for couple minutes. Using just 1 ram on A2(Black slot). Need to reboot 2 times just to get into BIOS, F5 to default settings then flashed the 0401 BIOS with EZ Flash(Never flash it from Windows). Reboot & BANG!! BIOS not freezing anymore. So jump into the BIOS & set up the vDimm to 2.175 something like that just to make sure the mobo got enough juice for the ram to run in spec. Boot up from XP installation CD, then start installing but in the middle of installation keeps on telling me cannot find this file... cannot find that files.... at the end won't complete installtion so reboot & reinstall again but after 3 times still no go & I can tell is not the CD cause everytime is different files can't find. OK, the forth time I switched another CD rom & another XP disc just to see if my DVD burner & CD are faulty, but same thing happened. Then I realized I forgot to set the timing for the ram, so get into BIOS & put in my Corsair C3 timing 3-4-3-9 (This is very important for this mobo, most of the people having problem is they leave all ram timing to AUTO, but this board just doesn't like it) & reinstall once again. This time completed & looks pretty solid. Keep on reboot & shutdown my PC & start update all th epatches again just to check if I still have the boot up hanging problem. No more hanging now & I can restart Windows which I don't need to power off & power back on anymore. So, not sure is the previous 0307 flashed bad or something else. Now I put back the othe ram in so now is dual channel & PC running very smooth, boot up fast 2-3 seconds (I mean quite fast b4 Windows logo screen) And now just leave it on stock speed & I ran OCCT 30minutes fine & dual SuperPi 32M in 23 minutes. And I leave it on fo rwhole nite & nothing wrong happened. And the only strange things is the fan speed in SpeedFan all mess up; all 3 fans speed are totally way off like doubled. And CPU-z 138 won't display mobo, ram info; just the CPU info is there. Also temp. is not bad, CPU only 32c idle, OCCT only 38c. Anyways these just small stuff. And I think I will just play around with stock spped for this week to make sure all things running fine. And this board actually can do the SLI timing thing, so if you enable that from BIOS then it will oc to the SLI spec. And I will play with that next week. So what a relief, at least my board is not defective, I feel this board should be a good pick once you know how to deal with it's strange properties. And I am sure this board can do much better than my last ASUS P5B-e which did 3600MHz no problem. And I think people who got this board the first week will be very frastrated but at the end they will love it fo rsure. And you can tell I like this board after struggling with it for days. Vol... u can just go ahead & order it man!! :angel:
  19. Last nite I completed the swap & loaded all correct drivers back to my HDD I used for the P5B-e, with the stock BIOS 0202 everything works fine, boot up & even can SuperPi 32M on stock rate. Then flashed the 0307 BIOS with boot up floppy. Then blue screen every bootup. And I am not sure what's going on. BIOS flashed completely. Not playing with ASUS for so long, now they tend to have some flash BIOS problem, my P5B-e need to be RMA cause the BIOS corrupted, no boot at all after BIOS flashed after a few week use. And this board acts very similar, need to shutdown the PSU everytime & the last time need to clear the CMOS, reset the jumper just to make it boot up but still blue screen. And most of the time after flashed 0307 BIOS, PC hangs on the logo screen, need to power off PSU again. I am afraid some time tonite the BIOS will be finally corrupted again. And I am just using the 2GB Corsair TWIN2X2048-6400C3 in the black slots which is approved from the ASUS menu. No OC yet at all, the only thing I changed from the BIOS is to boot PC with CD b4 HDD & changed the timing from 2T to 1T thats it. Tonite will reload the OS all over again if the PC can boot up just to see some old drivers causing OS crash. So, any idea what else I can do or anyone has this BIOS flashing problem like me & any suggestion how to fix? Many thanks.
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