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  1. Angry, my domain name is rogers.com Just replied u back
  2. Yes Angry. Correct! Here's another review, not bad at all. http://enthusiast.hardocp.com/article.html...oZW50aHVzaWFzdA==
  3. Angry, not sure will u interest my i650 chipset mobo, so far I pushed this to 3.6GHz stable for daily use. It got RAID, SLI, eSATA & digital out. http://www.digital-daily.com/motherboard/a..._sli/index3.htm
  4. Thx for all info, I am good now. So far this pair of Ballistix running with the same tight timing as the Corsair 6400C3 as 3-3-3-3 [email protected] DDR800 but I think is my board's limitation, I can't get dual Prime stable over 800 at all. So I am still stuck @ 3600MHz. Both RAMs act the same, so D9 is not the factor stopping me. And its so strange, my previous P5B-e hit 3600MHz too & dual SuperPi32M is one minute faster than this P5N-e with timing like 4-4-4-12 & I believe the P5B-e (Intel 965 chipset) is 2T(no change option) & this P5N-e is 1T. So, obviously if I need to get more OC, then I should either switch back to a better 965 chipset board or 680i then.
  5. Finally digged out the parts# from the ram & matched with the Crucial site. Yes, they are PC8000 & I think from CPU-z that is the SLI so if the board can read the new SLI spec then this ram will automatically clock to the highest spec which is PC8000. Thanks!
  6. @puzzled May be the DFI layout are like that, my previous Venus also can only mount vertically but I can mount mine to the ASUS horizontal to blow air out of that case now.
  7. Recently bought 2GB of this Crucial from other forum. Strange thing is from CPU-z the ram displayed like this?! Just wonder if anyone have this ram got the same thing or I got something bad? Thx. :confused:
  8. I tell u, I sold mine for $200 a month ago. So, good luck.
  9. U need to put in a price.
  10. I changed the LDT from 5 to 4 to see if there is any performance difference but can't see any.
  11. nice price for e6700 Bump 4 u man!!
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