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  1. Dark Side Of The Moon. If someone put a gun to my head and demanded I name the alltime greatest album ever made, this is the one I'd pick. If he pulled the trigger, I wouldn't care. Gotta go sometime .
  2. I voted 5+ because on average, I figure I buy 20 or more games a year, just not 5 a month per say. There might be 2 or 3 games a year that I just gotta have and will pay the full shot for, but I've gotten in the habit of "waiting out" most of them 'till the price comes down to under $30. Every now and then, I'll walk in and pick up four or five games at once that range from $10 to $30 that when first released went for $50 to $60. The problem with this strategy is that you end up with too many games at once and not enough time to play them all. I've always paid for my games though, so if and when they stop making them for the PC, I will be able to point my finger at all the guys who didn't and say "told you so!!" Small consolation though.
  3. Ahh crap! I knew I shouldn't'a looked into this thread. I swore I was done with CoD when they released the last one for effin' consoles only. Now my resolve is waivering.
  4. Heh. I'm still playing Most Wanted. I've played (and loved) just about every one of them. I got ProStreet for Christmas, and have to agree with the OP. From installing it, to creating an alias to navigation... it's a piece of crap. It's a shame too because I think it finally supports a clutch and shifter (I have the Logitech G25). The graphics are sweet, but I'm thinking this will be my last NFS. Anyway, I still haven't played Carbon, and I hear it's not much different from Most Wanted, so I'll probably pick that up (about $19) and call it quits.
  5. I love fishing, just not for bass. Not many up here for largemouth, but I know lakes for smallmouth where it's like... ahem...shooting fish in a barrel. I prefer downrigging for salmon/lake trout/rainbow (Lake Huron/Georgian Bay/North Channel). This is my boat. We also spend a lot of time fishing the hard water but nothing beats that first trip after ice out (late May at the earliest), for speckled trout (the feet are mine).
  6. Google. I couldn't get the DFI to boot but once I got here, 5 minutes of searching had me the solution. I then spent weeks just reading and learning.
  7. It began here at 4:51 A:M (EST). I start work at 5 A:M but am pretty much alone till 7, so I snuck my camera gear into work and set up on the roof of the building hoping to get a set of multiple exposures (just bought a new super telephoto lens ). Sat there for about an hour as it progressed, and just as the moon was fully eclipsed...the clouds moved in. Didn't really matter though, as I later discovered my camera was set to "normal jpeg" (as opposed to Large/Fine+RAW which I normally use) so even the ones I did get, turned out to be only mediocre. If I'd have gotten up that early on my own time I'd have been pissed. By the way, yes I did get all my work done that day .
  8. Two mirrored, two striped. RAID1 for operating system, documents, pictures etc. RAID 0 for games and benchmark suites.
  9. I love Sarah Evans videos ;-) Rickie Lee Jones, Last Chance Texaco.
  10. The wife, kids and dog went to camp, so I've been sitting here since quitting time, drinking beer and increasing the volume a little at a time (it's now hella loud...screw the neighbours). One of the most underrated bands of the 70's...Nazareth! (did you guys get them in the States, or were they another "Supertramp" that you just didn't get?) Anyhow, Hair of the Dog, pull it out (if you own it, it's probably vinyl), dust it off, smoke a doob, and tell me if I'm wrong. Please Don't Judas me, Whiskey Drinking Woman and Rose In The Heather. Frikin' great stuff.
  11. I generally join a forum whenever I take an interest in something new and need information or help (how I found this one). For example, I've recently gotten back into photography, and needed to learn a whole new set of skills to work with digital images, so that's where I've been lately. I tend to lurk mostly, but usually post in off topic or general interest sections, where there's little chance of confusing someone with a wrong answer. Rarely do I come across a forum that I'll continue checking in on, even after I've moved on to other interests (this being one ).
  12. Me neither, and I do regret throwing out all the games from the Vic20/64, but I still have a room in the basement full of games (boxes included) from about circa 1998 'till today. The ten year gap in between was when I must have had a life, but it's a bit hazy. Man my math sucks.
  13. southmine


    Paradigms are notorious for blowing tweeters. My Monitor 9's (V1) have been through three over the years, but I don't recall having paid that much for replacements. Maybe it's because I live in Canada.
  14. Don't hold back, tell us how you really feel I have (and still use) the original Audigy Platinum EX (external) and the Audigy 2ZS Platinum (big vinyl collection that needs converting). More than once I've had to work around the fact that my sound card was incompatible with something else I wanted to make use of (hardware and/or software). The problem was, that there wasn't much in the way of alternatives at the time, and they (Creative) knew it (basically...use us or them (when there was no "them"), and shut up about it) . I've heard good things about Auzentech, and plan to give them a good long look the next time I'm ready for a new build. Competition is good. Let's just hope that this announcement doesn't spell the end of it.
  15. Springsteen-Nebraska Nagging's not a band, it's a full blown damned orchestra!
  16. Turns out we were both right. Originally (when I saw the review) they were hardwired, but enough people complained that Logitech went back to connector posts . The bad news is that my z560's died on me the other night, so I'm looking again. Aside from the z5500's, I've been looking at the Edifier S5.1 5.1 Speaker System , but can't seem to find many reviews. What I have seen looks promising though. If anyone here has heard them in person, I'd appreciate some input.
  17. One of the first reviews I ever saw for this board mentioned that some cases' rear fans might have a clearance problem with the daughterboard (don't recall where I read that, but it was some time ago). Luckily for me, none of the cases I've used had this problem, but the retainer/cap problem I did have. That made me nervous so I solved it in pretty much the same way as dr_bowtie.
  18. Shakin' Street- Vampire Rock *edit* needs to be played really... really loud :shake: *edit*
  19. I bought a third party add-on for MS Flight simulator 2004 that allows me to fly an F-104 Starfighter (in Canadian livery no less). It was built by an independant named CaptainSim. The hours of enjoyment I've gotten out of it has been well worth the $20 or so I paid (understatement). I'll admit I don't know a damned thing about Counterstrike, but even if I played it to death, I doubt that I'd begrudge "Garry" for cashing in. In this world, ya gets what ya pay for.
  20. I had that happen to me (among other things) the last time I formatted and was trying to install two separate raid arrays. Turned out to be the latest chipset drivers. Went back a few iterations and all was well. Others here are far more experienced than I, but I'm sure the first thing they're going to ask for is more information (did you change anything), and a signiature.
  21. Random player Last 5 -10cc-I Wanna Rule the World -Golden Earring-Radar Love -Lee Marvin (yeah, you read that right)-I Was Born Under A Wanderin' Star -Koko Taylor-Flamin' Mamie -Johnny Cash-The Last Gunfighter
  22. First off, welcome to the forums. You can still find a wealth of information about your board in the "Old DFI-Street Section" near the bottom of the main page. About the avatar, I guess they're just tired of answering that one when the answer can be found in the rules section (which it is expected that you read before posting). Again, welcome.
  23. I ordered an OEM FX-60 from Tiger Direct ca. last week (excellent price by the way). I went back to check something and noticed that the one that is being shipped to me is now out of stock, but they still have "other" OEM's available. The only difference I can see is two letters at the end of the Mfg. part number. The standard part number for this cpu is ADAFX60DAA6CD, with the CD denoting it's an OEM. The part they shipped to me has an additional two letters at the end ADAFX60DAA6CD AV. I've searched everywhere, and can't find any reference to what they might mean. Anyone have a clue?
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