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Post A Pic Of Yourself!


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Ive decided to start this thread because i feel it unfair that, now since the lanparty is over, we know what only certain members of occ look like. Like bishop, linux, d3, etc.... And now that we know what they look like people seem to like to make fun of them. So i say... POST YOUR PIC!! I dont care if its good or not, I dont care if you want to or not, i say POST YOUR PIC! Let us BATTLE it out! Who is uglier, who is cuter(if i dare), Who can photoshop themselves the best?


Its not like anyone actually cares about what you look like!! So why worry about what people think?!? Go crazy! Unleash the wild side of yourself!! Let it ALL hang out, cause my friends... now is the time, that we all know, WHO WE ARE!





So, to start things off heres a couple of pics of me! I found one you can make fun of me for, its a little pic of me swingin broom i turned into a lightsaber! hahaha, and my senior picture.








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Then - *Scratches Head*:blink: - is there a point to this thread??? lol :lol:

that was meant as a word of encouragment to the people who are to afraid to post what they look like.... besides, is there ever *any* point to the threads posted in the alley? :blink:

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