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  1. I think he succeeded, I think the servers down, I keep getting "The connection was refused when attempting to connect."
  2. Just so you all know, I havn't watched the video just read your commontary. If you guys don't know I do work for a police station and have witnessed tazing as well as heard plenty of stories. Please allow me to disavow any myths. 1. These things do hurt like hell. They will drop the biggest guy you can come across. 2. These give a 5 seccond shock, no more. The officer using the tazer can choose to cut that 5 secconds short, or to issue more shocks as appropriate (the most I've heard of is 3, where the guy was completely disabled and actually deficated and urinated on himself). 3. I've seen many scenes where the use of non-lethal force was necessary, I'm not disputing that in this case. However, I feel that all of you who are saying "only 5 secconds" or "they should have hit her again" should be tazed yourself, to know what it's like. Officers, when they enter a department, get shot in the face with OC spray and tazed themselves so that they know what it's like. If you don't know what it's like, don't blatently display your ignorance.
  3. You should still have a record of the dates and milages when it was serviced... And now is as best a time as any to start learning about cars. Pick up a service manual from Kraigens or something, you should be able to further diagnose the problem if our suggestions don't work.
  4. Yes, it means your have to go into your service records and see what needs to be replaced or worked on. Perhaps it should have been a clue when it started to stall...
  5. Don't try the carb cleaner, its a fuel injected car. Also, with that much milage check when he last changed his fuel filter. If he hasn't done so in the last 30,000 miles then he should do that as well. So other than that head over and get some injector cleaner (it should be a fuel treatment) and run that through. If worse comes to worse, you can have the injectors professionally cleaned for about $20 each. If all the above doesn't do the trick get back to us.
  6. Year/model of the car? Also, what is the milage, sounds like it could be a fuel delivery problem.
  7. How long has he been driving stick?
  8. Hey all, here's what I've got for sale (does not include shipping): Logitech Z-640 - $40 Sound Blaster Live! - $10 (I'll sell them together for $45) AMD Athlon XP 2500+ Unlocked - $20 SOLD AMD Athlon XP 1700+ TIXJB w/copper Shim - $15 SOLD MSI KT4V-L Socket A Motherboard - $20 420W (I believe) "Turbolink" PSU - Rails: [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] w/20 pin motherboard connector. - $20 Seagate 80G SATA HDD (did not work last time I used it, but I have had problems iwth my onboard SATA controller, no longer covered under original warranty, buy at own risk) - $20 I will accept paypal, please contact me by responding below or pm. Also, if you are in or around the Orange County, CA, area; you can just pick up the speakers rather than my shipping them (costly). The Logitechs work, as do the two processors, but I havn't had time to test the Sound Blaster but it should be fine. Prices are negotiable if a reasonable offer is made, however they are already fairly low. I am also willing to trade for parts, again, include that in the offer and I will consider it. Thanks for looking!
  9. Yea I saw that, it looks nice but 1. I'm not that patient 2. It costs more 3. ITX already has a plethora of great resources because carputers have been made before. They have the 12v psu's and everything, plus battery monitoring. For all purposes, I'm going to go with ITX, thanks for the suggestions though.
  10. It might be smaller but it doesn't have the same things I'm looking for as far as expandability. I'm pretty sure I'm going to go with ITX. Thanks though
  11. Hey all, Well, I decided I want to take a little time and build me a PC for my car. ITX seems to be the best way to go as they are small, efficient, and can run most stuff. I was wondering what the best setup would be since I've never experienced this hardware before (though I know it's just everything else shrunken down and slower). Essentially I would like to use this for music, wireless networking, maybe video, maybe GPS, and not sure what else. I would like some tips on the motherboard to use, along with components and any other tips that you guys can give me. I would like to keep the price low so nothing too expensive. Also, the car this will be going in is (tenatively, I have to buy it first) a 1996 Chevy Caprice Classic (Ex-cop car). Yes I am putting a CB/PA in it too, and yes I am in the process of becomming a police officer. (If that car falls through I got my '88 Volvo, in which case I would just save the ITX system because it just wouldn't be the same...) Oh, and no overclocking... sorry guys
  12. Where are you located? That would have a big affect on shipping
  13. Baby, you take my breath away just like that one time when the Halon was accidently released in the server room. Baby, when you look at me it makes me melt like an incorrectly wired LED with too much voltage passing through it. Relax, don't worry; I don't have a virus . . .but I do have a trojan. Baby, whenever I use my Palm, I think of you! Your name is Leslie? Look, I can spell your name on my calculator!
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