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  1. sweet thanks, in the mother board it says to not use pin 12-13 and 24 ans 23, it looks like all is well. thanks
  2. So I have never put together a new pentium 4 system. And this new motherboard, has a long 24 pin power supply plug, and then a small 4 pin connection. the manual says there are two power connections. Do I need to plug in both? or can I only use the small 4 pin connection? sorry for the dumb question.
  3. thats not all photo shop, I'm sure that makup and they had her do that twice once with makeup and once with out, and then you can blend them at the right moment.
  4. depending on your register company, I know I can use a redirect to a ip and a port.
  5. Tag: Localguru go figure Halo2
  6. any update on this, would love to add to my collection
  7. I've found that before, but usally instal;led on a compaq or some named brand. That drive sucks though it only comes in like a 40mg driver file. I hate intel.
  8. for the video editing I would almost agree on the mac, except, their too expensive. I would go with gateway. Why does dell have problems in texas?
  9. how about we do a thread of ex girl friend pics with their naughty bits blurred out
  10. yeah I sold hime a xp1700 palimino for 40 bucks, and 40 bucks in labor and he was happy.
  11. well the other original chipp still dosn't work, so I'm going to swap things around again,. and makre sure it will boot up ok, with all of his periphraols plugged back in and see if he can settl with the 1700 or if he was to replace or upgrade his 2100
  12. no beeps ... update I swapped out the xp2100 chip that was on their for a xp1700 and I finally got a boot screen, so now I'm going to try the old chip again
  13. I was asked to look at this machine for my neibor. I plug it in and no boot. fans spin but no monitor. So crack it open. it has a gainward 5200 256mb video card. I reset the bios. Still no boot. I reset the video card. no boot. I put in a new video card. still agp , no boot. I unplug all ide devices, including the floppy. still nothing. so I take everything out except the video card. and still no boot. I put in just the original video card, and still nothing. so it must be the board or the chip? I think I have another chip to try. but is there some try on these soyo boards?
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