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  1. I must say so myself, I remember that avatar well. Quite the classic,
  2. If I said I was going to make a resolution to never make another resolution would that count?
  3. I hate to see David Tennant leave as well, that man does a cracking job as the doctor. The new bloke looks like he has some potential though, so we'll just have to see how he does. Gotta love Doctor Who
  4. I was gonna make an offer but it looks like someone already snatched it up from ebay
  5. If you're breaking clips, perhaps you manhandled the side panel a bit too much? Just sayin'
  6. yeah, if somebody had bad intentions you could definitely do a lot of damage to a lot of peoples profiles... Another interesting tid bit. I couldn't get it to work on my vista installation. Only under firefox under windows xp. hmmmmm
  7. andrusk

    Stay Away Pt 3

    I've had a similar experience. I even use it at work for all my day to day operations and other than the occasional problem with some software incompatibility, it works great.
  8. I have a P180B and I really love it!! The only thing you have to watch out for is to make sure the power cables are long enough. Mine are just barely long enough and I had to get a little creative with the wiring. But otherwise the P180 is a top notch quiet and cool case
  9. It's still working for me. Are you using firefox?
  10. It very well could be. And you would think they would have a little better support page than something that dumps you out immediately. I wonder how long it will take them to catch it? hmmm
  11. Ok so here's the deal. I've been using Last.fm for about a month now and I recently noticed that my client was having some problems scrobbling tracks. Well, I decided I would try and find the support site for last.fm and see if anyone else was having these same problems. So, naturally the first thing I do is go to http://support.last.fm What I found when I got there suprised me though. I found a text based website that didn't look like anything official and I was initially thinking it was some kind of a spam trick website. After a little further investigation it turns out that I think this site is actually a site that employees of last.fm use to perform administrative tasks for last.fm and some how I got access to it. I tried to access the site using internet explorer but all it did was give me a not logged in error, but when I tried to access the site using firefox it just let me in no fuss. I guess the most interesting part is the fact that you can upgrade a users membership from this site. I tried it out with mine and I'm now listed as a paid subscriber!! Freaking awesome. If you guys use last.fm you should check it out before somebody finds the bug and realizes their mistake. Let me know if it works for you guys. p.s. the people I'm friends with on last.fm will notice that their accounts have been mysteriously upgraded as well
  12. andrusk

    Stay Away Pt 2

    In my experience vista doesn't take as kindly to an oc'ed machine as well as xp does whether it's "stable" or not, that could be part of the problem.
  13. I know the northbridge on my rig gets smokin hot! The heatpipes that ASUS installs are pure crap so I decided to replace it with a thermaltake extreme spirit II. It cools the bridges really well. I would recommend watercooling your northbridge and putting one of these guys on your south bridge
  14. I'm pretty sure he was referring to the fact that he has gone through 5 evga boards, not ASUS boards.
  15. On the ASUS 680i boards the north and the south bridges are not connected by heatpipes. They are connected by heatpipes to the mosfets around the cpu socket, but not to eachother. So I just took off the heatpipes on the northbridge and the mosfets to the left and put little mosfet heatsink on the mosfets and put the extreme spirit II on the north bridge. that's neither here nor there though. I have noticed that my motherboard temperature has dropped from 40c to 35c after I removed the crappy heatpipes from the northbridge. Quite a considerable decrease
  16. That's a good way to do it. I have the same setup, however, I set up Rivatuner to turn the speed of the fan up and down from 60% to 100% based on the tempurature of the card. My fan goes to 100% if it gets hotter than 80c, 80% if greater than 73c, 60% if greater than 55c. It works wonders and only makes my card loud when I'm playing games, then it slows down to being quiet again once I exit the game and my card cools down
  17. I haven't messed with the south bridge, but I have removed the northbridge cooler and replaced it with a tharmaltake extreme spirit II with some arctic silver 5 :thumbs-up:
  18. I don't have a striker extreme, but I do have a P5N32-E SLI which is the same board without the frills, and I will tell you that yes, it is a great board. However, I have had 2 mysteriously die on me, they just stop booting. Fans twirl, stuff turns on, but no boot. I have had to RMA this board twice. I also have a friend who didn't even overclock his system with the exact same setup as me and his board died on him too. I would recommend going with the comparable EVGA board. My friend switched to it and loves it. I'm not saying this board is crap, but I haven't had good luck with it. That's all I'm saying :/
  19. Hey guys, my problem is pretty straight forward. Not all of, but certainly most of the text on the websites that I visit are being displayed in italics. It's really annoying and is . me off. Do you guys have any idea as to what setting I might have accidentally changed to do this? Please see the attached screen shot. Thanks, UPDATE::::::: After a little bit of guess work, apparently some of the fonts on my computer got deleted, so it was defaulted to a different font. I re-installed all my fonts, and now I'm good. See, didn't need your help after all lol
  20. Take a deep breath. Relax..... let your mind be free
  21. Maybe we should use a ratings system in conjuction with an award system. So you can have something like 1-4, no award, 5-6, bronze award, 7-8, silver award, 9-10, editors choice award. That way you can get an idea of where the product ranks on a scale, as well as have a shiny award. Just sayin'
  22. You know, I was thinking the exact same thing with that headset review!! I was like, "hmmmm, he said the bass was horrible, but if you turn it off it sounds great and he gave it a recommended?!!" What kind of crap is that!?
  23. Yeah, it's just been so long since I've overclocked I was really getting into it, and like you said, I think I went just a wee bit too fast. I think what happened is the north bridge got too hot. I won't make that mistake again though, next time I'm putting a little fan right on top of that north bridge, that'll show it who's boss!!
  24. hmmmm, the other rig I'm running has a 500w something or other power supply. I wonder if it would be compatible with my new motherboard. Either way, it's already to late. I've dissasembled my rig and packed up my motherboard and cpu for shipment, and requested the rma from newegg. All I have to do now is wait. That's the best part right? Waiting forever......... uggg
  25. I wish, it's the only core 2 system I have. Plus my old pentium 4 is not the lga 775 variety, also, all my other systems are AGP. I don't have any other DDR2 ram to throw in there. As you can tell, I have pretty much no way to trouble shoot the issue and see which part is broken. It's really stupid. I figure, if I rma everything, the problem will be fixed. Sure newegg won't like it, but that's not my problem
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