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  1. Hold on thar! I need to hook up some eyefinity 6 video card... then then you'll see! You've gotta excuse my excitement, as y'know, it is really exciting having this sitting in front of me ,
  2. I also coudn't help but make robot noises
  3. Someone who's probably going to miss them a lot if I decide to suddenly change my address! I myself am a bit fond of screens. My dual 24s are sitting on the floor right now, but rightfully so as I truly have no space left on my desk! This makes 12 for me
  4. Now if only I actually had something like the eyefinity 6 video card. But that's okay, they're only staying with me for a little while . I'd go with a more obscene thread title about waving of one's phallus and etc, but I might just knock these over.
  5. Hi my name is ___ *pro- tip* insert your name
  6. anthony

    Zune Slows PC

    That sounds exactly like what I've been dealing with. I thought it was just that the zune software was utter garbage and it was supposed to do that! I've only used it for syncing and not playing so I never worried too much about it.
  7. The unit is like new in box and has only been used for a week or so. It comes with all the manuals, cables and documentation. Please note there are two small scratches about 1mm in length on the right side. Retail including taxes and shipping puts this unit over $1100, but I'm asking $800 OBO. I'd also be interested in partial trades. Nothing in particular, actually... surprise me I might find something interested on a whim. I guess I would be interested in a rather large monitor, or a modern era netbook as I could use an upgrade. Product info:http://www.qnap.com/pro_detail_feature.asp?p_id=154
  8. I reinstalled RCT1 last week
  9. You's better be talking about #1 ; )
  10. Is it nostalgia thread tiem? IBM model M Sim city Wacky wheels!
  11. Mine, DFI x38 What I like about this MSI? Well, actually quite a bit. Frankly, all that video power is a bit intimidating. Tho, that SATA3.0 I definitely like quite a bit. It's also quite a purdy' looking motherboard!
  12. Aw damn this is what I get from leaving computer !
  13. I haven't noticed anything at all. Links have been fine for me. / Opera 10.6
  14. It sounded like you wanted two separate RAID 1 arrays plus two additional drives for added storage. Sometimes I need it in diagram form or a list! But, that'd work!
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