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LanParty NF4 BIOS - Cleaned up 704-2bt a little

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Guest Ne0

sorry for the bump...but quick question.


I am planning to install an 4200x2 with 2gb of ocz platinum in my rig below. What are the advantages/disadvantages of this bios over the official one released on 2006/04/06

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The 3/10 BIOS is extremely old and probably will not support the X2 processor at all.


You will need something more recent - beginning with the 0704-2bta if you want a great beta BIOS.


Or the 0406 if you want an official BIOS.


Both of the those will support an X2 processor on regular DFI NF4 motherboards (i.e. NF4 Ultra-D, NF4 SLi, NF4 SLi-dr etc).


Both of those BIOS revisions played extremely well with my X2 4800 and two different memory kits.


The original G.Skill PC4000 HZ's (2X1gb)




Mushkin Redline Extremes PC4000 (2X1gb)


You can find my OCDB entry with the NF4 Ultra-D, X2 4800, G.Skills and 0704-2bta BIOS here;



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I was just going over this. as i had not seen it since my last post. But i find it odd that I cant get my MHz past 253 ether. And I'm also using 3-3-7-3 as anything higher don't change nothing. But for us left behind Dudes guess we got to live with what we got cause the Ritchie's done moved up in the world

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