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  1. I added the performance option tables into the guide, its pretty much complete now apart from showing tweaked out setting for different dimms. Side note the ATI 6400 works quite well on this board at ddr800 but tweaked out i will show some screenies for those looking to gain 20%+ bandwidth soon.
  2. I have unhid all the options in my bios here, TRAS4 etc etc. What you have in the standard bios is enough unless your version has tweakes to the memory timings?
  3. Testing the CFX3200 back to back with the same hardware on this Ultra2 and the 1 thing I have no idea on is why im struggling to do 1T on the ultra2 where I had no issues on the CFX. Then I pushes the HTT and im sat here priming 1120 on the ram 2T where i got a little lower on the CFX...weird!! Nice boards though, all we need is a hacked SLI diver for G80 and you have 16X x2 on the CFX
  4. http://www.thetechrepository.com/showthread.php?t=66 Its basic but should get you going. I reported a fault with the HT multi already so a new bios will sort this, for now if overclocking just set the HT multi to 2 and its fine to over 300HTT. I will add the Ultra II M2 in the same thread. T
  5. Guys New chipsets create new problems, all memory manufacturers have recently had issues not just OCZ. Now if you have ram that does not boot OCZ support will help, we have what you need to get the board booting with our ram and all our dimms have been thoroughly tested on the infinity 975. I can NOT go into details about why some dimms work and some don't, all i will say is we can get your dimms going and in future we should not see as many issues as we have done. So...if you have OCZ ram and you need help drop over to our support forum, openly say you saw my post here and you have a none boot issues and we will get you going...simple as that. Please DON'T fill up my PM box as im not support, i will only point you at our support forum so go there directly and save yourself a wait while i get back to you. Thanks Tony
  6. The plat rev2's are very simliar but are actually a different IC revison, they both are from the same manufacturer. Also remember the 800 DFI is binned specifically on the DFI motherboard, unless you buy the specific part you may not it the same latencies.
  7. Different IC's matey, you are looking at 5-4-4- for 1T maybe and 5-5-5 for 1k+, keep the juice at 2.2V or lower.
  8. Im hoping its not to expensive, its released but not quite in stores. The IC's are nice....we want to not just offer Micron products and these are very close on being a clone although they will not do cas3. We tested the dimms as 7200 beta, out of this came the 1t DFI special. DDR2 is getting more expensive as the IC's are traded like gold or other commodities.
  9. For those who like sandra, I did 866 4-4-3-10. 11K+ buffered and over 6k unbuffered is pretty sweet. 866 1T Max 4-4-3-10 was around 870...cas5 for me is better though. this was pushing it a little. 874 4-4-3 1T
  10. Guys I have managed to push for a 1T product from OCZ specially for this board...the issue is it work 1T on the NF4Ultra II-M2 also The modules are NOT micron based, this does not mean they are slow though. Both myself and Rgone have these modules although they are labelled as 7200Beta, we will be flashing the new spd to them once we have it. For you non-overclockers setting the spec'd timings and voltage plus 1T will gain you a healthy boost in memory performance. If you like to tweak you may want to try 5-4-3-10 instead of 4-4-4-12 as i found it a little more forgiving and just as fast, infact I hit 9001T with 2.2V. Cas4 needs a little more juice to run and i like to keep my dimms on lower voltages if i can. here is the product: http://www.ocztechnology.com/products/memo...al_dual_channel if you like 2T you will see way over 1000 with the right tweaks but I found 1T to be just as nice if not nicer I have a few pics etc but no prime at 900, I did manage prime 4-4-3 at 800 though for a good while...its all about tweaking. prime 8001T You can see this is at 4-4-3 and not 4-4-4, so tweaking is possible to gain even more speed if you want. moving to cas5 for me lets the modules run free, i was able to push TRP to 3 and play with a lot of the other timings more aggressively. ddr9001T Im sure Rgone will add entries to the prime data base for you and I will advise on timings. This is the first of 2 special kits we have done for the DFI 590, Rgone has the 9000 in his lab and will be posting for you also.
  11. Support is the wrong word to use, i would just ask if the CPU works on the board....the board will I doubt ever support Opteron just like the older NF4 boards did not
  12. Im working on a new 1T 800 part for this board, we may put the settings in EPP to make life easy for you all, just enable sli ram and it clocks its self and you push from there. I have to admit this is the best AM2 board I have to date, the Foxconn was the best with asus behind it but DFI made a monster as usual I will get back to testing and post more as i get time...always glad to help.
  13. So i have tested upto DDR1200 2T, 9001T and for me 1T is much easier to tweak for and seems as fast if not faster. To get there you need to tweak a bit away from Oskars base settings but they are pretty damn close and a good start. Drive strength...2 1gig dimms test 8 to 12, i find 10 nice. Weak works for me, the office found Normal nice for 2t high clocks. The other drive strengths I set to the following...from the top: 1.25 1.25 1.25 1.25 1.0 1.0 Im still playing with these, this is a good base though and helped me hit 9001T TRC....I set 11 to 13, why? as it pulls TRAS back to how we expect it to work if you leave it high low tras will lose performance and add stability, high TRAS will gain performance and lose stability, all AM2 boards do the same...its the memory controller!! TWR...big gains with this one, 3 is aggresive, losen for stability TRWT tight=instability, play with it TWTR 2 is good for fast ram 1T, losen for high clocks TREF, may have issues 7.8 is faster than 3.9, 15.6 may not work, under investigation at this time Max Async Latency, 6 thru 10, 10 for adding in stability, losing a little performance DRAM ODT auto 75 is ok although 50 may help high clocks, still testing this one Idle Cycle limit...16 is ok, seems bugged in the bios, try the others though and see how they do, setting 128 reads 16 in bios. That is where im at right now, the board clocks ram VERY well, and I was able to hit higher speeds with the FX with lower Vcore than the Foxconn reference. I will try and post screenies to help you along and time permitting write a guide. I know Robert and Travis have one on route, with Robert helping me now i may have him look after the guide if he feels upto it. Please keep the questions in the thread, lots of peeps looking to run this board so keeping the info public and away from PM's will help more. T
  14. have a look at the 700W gamer extreme psu, it does well with the upper end video cards etc in sli and xfire.
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