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Anyone up for a post a pic of yourself thread?

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The time you spend fishing doesn't come off the end of your life.


I should live to be a hundred! lol




My dad died a week ago... :(


He is the one who taught me how to fish, from making the knot on the line to attach leader, or what ever that thing that lets the lure twist so the line doesn't get messy is called... to how to navigate a boat and how to make camp and other stuff. I went fishing this weekend like a tribute for him.


A month and a half ago my sister took him to South Padre Island (TX) for vacations, but first they took him to one of those Academy stores... my dad was amazed with the size and how equiped the store was, but still after a few minutes was already giving a lecture to some folks around him... when one of them told him with high volume "ITS AMAZING HOW GOOD YOU LOOK FOR YOU AGE", my dad responded "I am not deaf, i am just old" :rolleyes:


I didn't had time for fishing this past 10 years... only went a few times here and then, but from now on I will try to go as much as I can... I owe it to him, and I will try to pass all the knoledge and information he gave me to my nephews, maybe my son one day.

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:)My dad died a week ago... :(


My condolences.


It's tough losing a parent. Even when you know their health is failing you still see them as you did when you were a kid.


We knew my parents health was failing long before they passed. It gave me time to try to make-up for all the trouble I had been as a rebellious teenager.


Every time I go out, I still throw a piece of bait in the water in tribute to my Dad for teaching me the joys of fishing.


I was with my Dad in the pre-surgery room and we talked about fishing. I can still hear him telling me to sit still or I'd scare the fish away when I was five years old.

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Guest Timmay
I wondered what the other half looked like.. ;)

Is that YOUR handbag? :D


It's my Man Bag :sweat::P

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