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  1. And I thought I was bad....still chugging along on my LanPartyII with my XP-M 2500 @ 2.5GHZ on air, and my ATI 9800XT 256mb. I guess it's time to get back in the game. Now I just need to decide what HW to use on the new system....
  2. Just thought after an EXTREMELY extended absence I would drop by and let those I used to spend so much time with know that I am still alive. I had some dangerous health issues to deal with as a result of a punctured eardrum and resulting infection making it to my brain. I also had a run-in with a stalking ex-girlfriend that ended in the untimely demise of one of my pets who gave his life in exchange for mine. To him I will always be grateful, R.I.P. Kane my beloved Rottweiler. I have made a couple major career moves, and abandoned tech support as a profession for good, though I still spend a lot of time helping friends as I always did. I also said goodbye to the nightmare of the Winbond BIOS chips. Those of you who were true to your word, and you know who you are, were much appreciated. Those others are forgotten now, and hopefully my contributions made a difference to our fledgling community. My LPB Ho still sits trustily at my side, chugging away at 1mHz shy of 2.5gHz on air(LOL @ my sig is out of date). She has hit nearly 2.6gHz fully stable, but has rolled her dangerous stroll for over a year. I retired her so she is my everyday mission-critical girl now. All the internals are as I originally purchased them. To the naysayers out there: this board gives you twice what you put into it if you had done your research and did it right the first time. I have never had the 4-LEDS EVER on this board and only 1 no boot that required a reflash (as a result of 7 or 8 hours on the phone with RGone and an almost sucessful run on Memtest86 @243 on air with my now much maligned CH-5 238X10.5 CPC on 2x512mb every-day stable.) or had to use my Bios Saviour Only the usual M$oft induced issues had plagued my beloved Ho. She's a little dirtier now, and a little battleworn after being on the frontlines for so long, but my HO has a true heart of gold. To Rgone, AG, Soundx98, Loggan26, ViperJohn, and many others, I just wanted to come back and tell you all one last time that you are wonderful people and made my time here wonderful too. See you all at ComDEX/CES '06! If you want to keep in touch please email me here: account-creation AT charter.net
  3. I got it this afternoon and I'll send yours out tomorrow rcillig
  4. 2 chips left. I haven't received a lot of feedback or pre-order requests so it looks like these last 2 are all there will be. $18.85 EACH shipped in the US. If you want to pre-order get with me by thursday as I will be calling Hong Kong to confirm or deny the order.
  5. My mobile 2500 is running faster than the 3200 and with 'MY" cooling it currently sits @ 39C under full load at just a hair under 2.4 GHZ.
  6. My current wish list system: NF4 939 socket DDR2 PCI-E native 4x2gb memory slots capable of dual channel at least 6 ch SATA-2 compatible onboard gigabit onboard 802.15 onboard 7.1 ch
  7. Tolulene works excellent too if you can get it and it doesn't evap as quickly. Hobby stores for RC models sell some pretty good specialized glue removers!
  8. are you aware of the issues also regarding PATA hard drives defaulting to chs mode instead of LBA? something to check in bios once you get it fired back up...
  9. You may need to clr the cmos with the battery out overnight like many of us have had to do...
  10. depending on the speed of the HDD'S and what you are truly loading on startup regarding the number of process modules etc...More than likely XP WILL load dog butt slow @ 1.4ghz...takes just a hair over 34 seconds to boot mine with 43 modules loading on startup plus AIM, MSN, Yahoo, ICQ, Nortons systemworks, Zonealarm, Winamp and Nortons Ghost and 65 icons on the desktop.
  11. Umm at one point my huge BIOS flashing FAQ was posted around here somewhere with all the steps and commands listed.....*taps foot*
  12. Could have been a dislodged HSF that resulted in a CPU overheat. Check the bottom of the processor for a bulge and make sure the pins aren't crooked.
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