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Hi Guys.


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I'm back!


at least i think i am. i hope so. this is the place that got me addicted to internet. but it got annoying for some reason. I guess now that i fix computers for real money all the time i guess i should keep up to date on computer hardware. i've been away everywhere else in science...


what i've learned in "OTHER SCIENCE" since i left:



Quantum Physics


History, (not science, i know... and actually i just take a history class...)


lasers subcatagory #1- building lasers

lasers subcatagory #2- everything about lasers

lasers subcatagory #3- optics and everything about light (more under physics than lasers, but lasers are UNDER light.)

Powerballs. -okay there really isn't anything to learn about powerballs, except how to fix them, and that they are super awesome and that they give you strong arms

Swimming Pools- i work at a Leslie's Pool Supplies. never let anyone with an IQ of 156 and enough curiosity to make gazelle overrun the world around pool chemichals. (if you don't get that PM me). I fix all pool equipment too!





are there any oldies around still?


psycho, exer_acres , d3, devil, itanium264???


i saw roadkill, he got me into flash way back then... hi roadkill!!! you still have the SAME avatar! how awesome.

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hey man, maybe you can tell me how those dang powerballs work... i mean, i know it's a type of gyroscope, but i still can't grasp it...


i can get like 11,602 rpms while being ignorant though! :D


i have the "Techno" version and we sell the NeonBlue at work


pretty awesome going into lasers!

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