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  1. If a drive returns bad data (and this does happen) your files are hosed even with duplication. True. This occurs with any RAID. I haven't tested it but the same company makes a program called DriveScanner. When paired, Drivepool will automatically "evacuate" drives throwing SMART errors and such. A complete catch-all? Probably not. But it's interesting. But regardless, the only traditional way around that I know of around this are some sort of backup.
  2. Other: DrivePool Combines any type/size drive into one drive pool (like JBOD). Except you can tack on more drives without having to rebuild the array or move data. You can also lose a drive and you only lose the data on that drive. If you want redudancy you can turn on file duplication (turns it into a RAID 1 basically) or run another program like flex or snapraid to turn one drive into a parity drive if you don't want to lose 50% of your space. Very Simple. Runs completely behind the scenes. But future expansion at the click of a button sold me. I'm too cheap to buy exact same size HDDs. See sig for the old/new HDDs I use for 5.5TB. Only con I can think of is that it only performs as fast as the one drive allows... but I'm not too interested in speed. 45-100MB/s is plenty fast for my needs.
  3. Sapphire HD7970 OC Has 3 months of use only which is why it looks new. It is a Sapphire RMA replacement and spent most of it's life sitting on my shelf. Was going to use as a 4th or 5th GPU on my folding farm but the heat was too bad and sold all but two. I kept this card with the intention of using it as a 2nd crossfire card but I just don't game enough to justify keeping it. Includes: Original Packaging/Box CD, manual, sticker, crossfire cable Has never been mined with. Has been folded on for about a month. Mild OC. This will be coming from an APO/FPO so it will take 7-14 days to get to you. Works great and just want to be up front with you. SOLD shipped to a USPS address only.
  4. "Waist" of money haha But that's a definitely a good point bluepanda, Nerm, and el_capitan! I've never factored in the "where." Definitely not looking for working for an upper level job at a big company in the short term.. or even mid-term I think. Honestly I don't think I'm even close to being ready for that. But you guys have been a huge help. Hard to get some good words of wisdom from people actual living that life outside of my social circle/area. It's scary transitioning between jobs and I've always had that nagging feeling I'd get stuck with tech support or something Definitely good to know not having a degree would be a career killer and some of the other paths of moving up. Think I'm going to try working for a small-medium company, gain some experience, and go for some upper level certs (CISSP perhaps) on my own, and work my way up from there. Thanks guys
  5. So I'm at a crossroads. My basic question is: If I've already got 5 years experience as a mid-level+ System Admin, is it really worth going back to school for 3-4 years for a Bachelors in IT? I'm aiming more for the management/business management of systems rather than programming or anything else. I see that I qualify for more than a few jobs with just the experience and no degree. I realize that I'd get more money for the same job with a degree but I'm not exactly in IT for the money alone... but would it really that detrimental to not have a "real" 4 year degree? Working full time and going for a degree on the side at a community college for long term employment gains is looking rather attractive. I do not enjoy school as a full time gig in the least nor going back at the age of 24+ especially if I can make almost the same amount now. If you're curious I have MCSA, Sec+, Net+ under my belt and soon to have CCNA. I also have a a wide skill base in VMWare ESX, NetApp FAS/SAN, Cisco IOS/Catalyst routers and switches, ACLs, network firewalls/proxies (ISA/TMG), Active Directory, GPOs, WSUS, SharePoint, basic Unix/Linux administration, several uncertified courses etc. With all that, I've got the references and the extraneous non-IT technical experience to back it up (good references/awards, customer service, fielding/emplacement, 200+ clients and what have you). I don't think I'm any slouch in the current job market..?
  6. Anyone play? Could get an OCC clan going
  7. romeo55

    Back Again

    Oh! And I was pleasantly surprised to see this
  8. romeo55

    Back Again

    The usual story. It's been a few years since I've really been active but I'm slowly getting drawn back into non-work related computers again. So figured I'd start this thread rather than drop out of nowhere
  9. 3 x HD7970s seems to have netted me about 350k at close to stock speeds. I've got a 4th waiting for a home on my shelf as well. The heap *nerdgasm*
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