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My Video Redux 1.1


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ok. the past is past.


I have a video project, it can be about anything.

It has to be 10 minutes long and have some effects.


I wanted to show how do build a computer ar first for the video.

But that was very boring.

Then i wanted to a thing like red vs blue, but with WoW.

My video card only does WoW at 25 fps, let alone with a screen capture.

Now i have a better idea.


"My life as a video game."


I want to do fun stuff from the games we play.

Like Spliter Cell. <me hanging from snapping a guard's neck

Grand Theft Auto <car stealing, anything else

Rally Sports Challenge. <race scene.

Counter Strike <jumping...

Pacman <being chase by ghost

Halo 2 <kill something, i guess


I could pause my life and enter a cheat code.

I also want to check on my life stats too.

I need a game with bullet time.


Do you guys know of any games that would be fun to act out and shown to a class,


Edit: Someone, post that I suck, already.

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Guest Fried_fry

I think action half life would be pretty cool to use for your class! :blink:

Edited by Fried_fry

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Some of the video projects I have done when I was in highschool for my video editing class included alot of a green screen work.




Matrix Revolutions (We filmed a whole matrix battle scene in the school it looked pretty bad butt. It was at the time revolutions was comming out, he had "Neo" flying thew the school and stuff, then fancy camera work and stuff it was awesome one some camera awards for that...)


Santa Clause Sking down the hills to the school (all done with green screen croma effects)


Legomation (we animated legos)


Playdomation (We used Play do for animation)


I did do a few video game movies. One was with WoW when it was still in beta (:O I broke the none disclosure act :P but it was for a good cause :P) Basicly It was a movie about a hero and his comrades fell in battle and he was the only one who survided, and well goes into how he goes for revenge and . it turned out ok..)


Few music videos that I cant remember too.


The teacher I had was a female dog... The teacher she replaced was 10x better he gave his students free regin over the studio, but not Ms Chirs Beck nooo! I hate her. I want to see her burn!

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can you tell me how you did half those tricks.


1. me wake up with narration.

2. go to school, aka training for being a spy and or priest.

3. new mission: steal some thing from some where

4. run away with stolen things and get in to car chase

5. get to HQ

6. matrix fight some guy that followed me.

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