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  1. ^^^ I agree. I had a quick 5 minute listen to my buddies d600's and I didnt like the sound compared to my d2000's. To be fair, it was a biased comparison though. He was using one of those cheap fiio amps. I use a CEntrance DACmini at my desk and a Headamp Pico when I'm not at home.
  2. US Army. 2008-2012 active. Currently a weekend warrior until 2017. Was a 25f during my active years, serving as a communications specialist with the patriot missile system. Did a year down range. Currently a 91B. Mechanic in a reserve transportation company.
  3. Under. My desk has a cubby hole designed for large towers as it was made when the first pentiums hit the shelves. The towers were massive back then. (think gateway 2000. lol) I cut a big hole in the back for the exhaust fans on the case.
  4. Was hoping to see the vids. Know its old though. About a year ago I "helped" (just an extra set of hands/muscle) a buddy put a built sr20det in a datsun 280z.
  5. I'm liking the 840 evo for the extra 20gb and only a couple bucks more. Not to worried about features these days. Mostly interested in size, and reliability. I used to be big into overclocking, gaming etc, but I've cut way back on that. Gf, new house, my racing hobbies. Not much time for gaming anymore. Hell, this pc just got turned on for the first time in about 3-4 months just last week. Going to try to get back into bf3 (and bf4). Anyways, and as always, thanks for the help guys! Off topic: Its nice to see old names (long time members) still posting on occ. I havent logged on here in over a year and I was worried it would be all new faces.
  6. OK so as the topic suggests, I'm looking for a reliable 256-512gb ssd. It doesnt have to be the fastest drive in the world, but I dont want the slowest either. I'd prefer the 480-512 but Idk if I can afford that atm. In the middle of building a car so funds for pc parts are slim these days. lol I have no idea where to start anymore. I used to be huge into computers but have fallen so far behind, I couldn't tell you what the top of the line cpu is anymore. I've got a 128gb crucial m4 right now, and the small capacity has really been getting on my nerves. its been almost full since I've bought it, 2 years ago. I had my eye on the samsung 840 evo 500gb. Is this an ok drive? I've got a samsung 470 128gb in my laptop and its been great. Hopefully they are still ok? Thanks, Brian
  7. Picked up a Brand new Gigabyte GA-Z77X-UD3H for $45 bucks at compusa. Dont ask how, lets just say I know a guy. I also ordered some tuning hardware and software for my project drag car. (347 stroker) Its a twEECer system, that provides on the fly tunning as well as real-time data logging. (managed through a laptop in car) I cant wait to get this tunning hardware/software. I might break 11's! (4000ft altitude ) Last week I got some 18in chrome 2000 Cobra R wheels for the project. 9in wide in the front, 10in in the back. Got some 275/40/18 Nexen n3000's in front and 305/45/18 Nitto NT05r's in the back. Got a 98 cobra hood for it, and hopefully next week I can get the 98 cobra front/rear bumper. (the car was originally a 96 V6, its now fully converted to a v8, including ALL drivetrain/suspension/body) EDIT* Just got some H & R super sport lowering springs. (1.75 front, 1.6 rear), and a pair of maximum motorsport Caster Camber plates. Wow this car has come a long way!
  8. Well, it looks like I have to rma my motherboard (in sig). I was just wanting to know if anyone here has had any experience with gigabyte rma, whether it be good or bad? Its been a LONG time since I've went through an rma process. For those wondering what happened to it, The 2nd pci-e slot died, so i cant use crossfire, and the ethernet port quit working as well. No idea why, but I've been having stability issues with it since I built it last october. As soon as the ethernet port and pci-e slot quit working, this thing became stable as a rock. Weird huh?
  9. Officially, stop pirating. Unofficially, switch ISP's
  10. A mobile headphone amp should work. Fios has some decent ones for under $100 that might work. My mobile headphone amp was $350 though and pushes 750mW rms. Mine is a headamp pico.
  11. I personally am not a fan of the jl subs. They are LOUD, and they are reliable, but the sound quality leaves something to be desired. To be honest, I would stick with what you have. The stock audio system probably wont be able to match the sound level's that your current subs produce. Why go louder when your already going to be drowning out the mids/highs, unless you turn down your amp gain considerably? If you must go loud, I personally like the sound of the boston acoustics SPG's. They are expensive, but just one of them is going to out perform your current setup. They are fully rebuildable as well, in the rare event that you cook one of them. Your current amp should be a good match for one of these. SPG subwoofer
  12. Air. NZXT Havik 140 for cpu, stock gpu coolers, stock mb coolers.
  13. Like the B1 bomber... I was deployed to an air force base in the middle east (undisclosed) (I'm army, and just returned to the states in jan). I worked about 200 yards from the flight line. They took off/landed every hour or so. Those things are ridiculously loud. You would have to stop talking for about a minute in the middle of a convo because they are so damn loud. They are so loud that it would shake the buildings we worked in. Soda cans would rattle on tables. The fighter jets arent too bad. The c17's and c5's were very quiet. The c130's made some noise but that was just from the prop turbulence.
  14. Nice rifle man, I Have a couple of pistols stored at the rod and gun club myself. We should go shooting some time.
  15. Well, I was having some stability issues (narrowed down to mb) so I decided to figure out what the problem was.....while drunk. While pulling out the 2nd video card, I didn't have the release tab down all the way and pulled too hard (Not as hard as you might think). The result is in the pic. Sorry for the bad quality, I was still inebriated when I took this picture, and I used my phone. Fortunately, it still works and since it was the 8x second pcie slot, there were no pins on the portion that got broken off. I was able to super glue it back together and you cant even tell it was broken. I had to make it look like it wasn't broken because the board is unstable at times, and recently, the ethernet port stopped working. With that being said, an RMA is in order. LOL BTW, the system this happened to is the one in my sig. Moral of this story...Don't work on your pc while drunk!
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