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  1. Flareback: The machine is a Dell with Windows XP Professional installed. The IP settings are fine and are what they should be. Invidious: I have tried various accounts / I have tried Safe Mode with Networking (This worked once) / I have run Hijackthis / AVG Anti Spyware full scan and it seems to be 100% clean. Reinstalling Windows is the last option as this PC is used for Sage accounts. Nerm: Just tried that buddy and it seemed to open my home page quickly before it happened again. Bleeble: This PC was taking down a Office Network so i took it back to our office to fix it and it brings down ours aswell. Aint the router dude. __ __ __ __ __ __ I removed the Symantec crap and the problem persists. One thing i did notice was that Tiscali internet was installed and IE was showing as Tiscali Internet browser. I have since removed that aswell but the problem persists. Any new ideas to try guys?
  2. One thing i also wanted to add which i thought was rather strange. There is only one internet browser installed on the machine, but every now and then the Microsoft check appears asking to make IE the default browser? - - - - Also i should mention Symantec Live Update is installed as a part of Symantec Anywhere . . but this program i have been told is needed.
  3. Here's the info: Once i plug this computer into my network, every other PC would lose connection to the internet. So the first thing i tried doing was to remove and replace the network card with a brand new one and install the drivers. This has stopped the rest of the PC's going down from the internet but now there seems to be a big problem with the machine itself. Basically the internet on this machine has gone down to like dial up speeds or worse. Internet pages take 10 seconds to load > Sometimes they won't load at all > It will sit there with website found, waiting for reply. Before not finding the page. Things like Anti Virus updates > Windows Genuine Advantage > Microsoft Games wont load sometimes or they can take minutes to connect. I have tried turning off AVG Anti Virus / Different Web Browser / Different Network cable / Different Network Card / Different Software/Drivers / SFC /SCANNOW > CHKDSK > Repairing the connection does nothing (Infact sometimes it wont even renew the IP but will still have a connection?) There is no firewall installed / Windows Firewall is turned off. No virus's or spyware or anything. Its completely clean. Anyone have any idea's i could try?
  4. Hushplz

    POP3 Connector

    Legend. It works perfectly. Thanks Nerm
  5. Hushplz

    POP3 Connector

    It needs to run on SBS 2003 and do something like this: EFS Standard is a POP3 to SMTP e-mail routing utility that pulls mail from a POP3 account at your ISP and distributes the messages to users mailboxes on a local SMTP mail server, such as Microsoft Exchange or Lotus Notes. Supports unlimited users, account aliasing, brief and detailed transaction windows, scheduling, transaction logging, custom header checking, pre-check pinging, and much more. It even supports mailing lists. Run the standard version for free or register the advanced version to receive additional features. EFS makes an excellent replacement for the somewhat limited Microsoft SBS POP3 Connector. Version 5.58 detects if no data is retrieved within a 30 second time period for Pop3 connections. If so, EFS assumes the connection is frozen and drops the Pop3 connection But EFS Standard crashes my server
  6. Hushplz

    POP3 Connector

    Hey everyone :thumbs-up: I'm looking for some software and wondered if anyone could help. Basically it's a POP3 Connector which needs to suit the following: Connect to MS Exchange 2003 Check's for new emails atleast every minute Run as a service Budget of around
  7. I thought i would update as it's now been solved. First off thanks for that handy tool Nerm, the one i was using previously was charging everytime. I managed to get into Recovery Console and did a CHKDSK in the HDD, a few errors where found and then fixed. Straight after i did the registry fix. Sure enough i rebooted and found myself back into the server, and was able to troubleshoot the original problem and a repair installation sorted that out. Thanks for your help
  8. The server is running SP1. What do you mean by repairing your installation from recovery console? A guide would be fantastic please lsass.exe is known for the sasser virus infection, but non of the symptons point towards that. _ _ _ Bigred, excellent sounds like this is related to the 1st original problem them. As the server is using mirrored raid, i've just finished creating a slipstream'd CD with the Sata Drivers on so i can use recovery console. When entering Recovery Console, i'm getting asked for the administrator password. It's saying i'm entering the wrong password? When i know for a fact it's correct. I'm hoping my password hasn't been changed?
  9. Wondered if anyone could help: Currently my server is running SBS 2003 and recently had some problems where clients couldn't connect to it but the server could connect to the clients. Anyway, I decided to try "Last Known Good Configuration" and since then the Server will restart itself on startup. First it flashes up my wallpaper then shows the error "System error lsass.exe: When trying to update a password the return status indicates that the value provided as the current password is not correct" Displays the error for around 1 second before restarting. I have tried Safe Mode and get the same problem. Any advice would be welcome? (Censored :thumbs-up: )
  10. Make sure you backup your registry before doing anything. :thumbs-up:
  11. Talk to your room mates, and see if you can get them to remove Mc Crappee, and Norton. Install AVG Free & Anti Spyware, give all machines a full scan. Clean any crap off them. Then make sure you have your Windows Firewall on and that should be enough. Also it might be worth making sure there not going on your laptop when your not there
  12. Watched it with the Girlfriend on the 22/11/06. Thought it was excellent!! Especially compared to the last few Bond Films. Action was excellent (first 20mins was brilliant) Had a few laughs in there. Didn't like: Not enough Gadgets, Would of like to have seem more of the car, Would of liked to see Eva Green in less clothes 9/10 though
  13. Yeah exactly he hasn't made a comment since being linked to the Folding homepage so maybe he is reading. And just needed someone to point him in the right direction? He has only posted once in this thread ffs!
  14. Or maybe he doesn't visit the homepage like myself. And decided to ask the helpful members here at the OCC what folding is?
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