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  1. Its just that there are other communities out there that where topics that matter get talked about... Its more about what I want in a communitie... OCC might fit for some of you guys but its just not what it was when I joined... I told a few people about this, there are more posts in the General forums in one day then there are in other forums in a whole week.. Frankly that should tell people something lol... I plan on working on my case over at TBCS foruns, http://www.thebestcasescenario.com/ I can get more help with it there then anywhere else.. Im going to also try and Jumpstart VO, going to try and get in contact with nuclear...
  2. just a quick reply before I go off into the vast reaches of the internet... lol... It has been an expensive xmas for me too... Mom $80 bottle of perfume, Miracal or something... Dad COD 2 kinda birthday might have to get him something else too... Sister One tree hill season 2 grandma jar opener... Various friends M&M dispensers, Diecast car, OC season 1, coffee mug. alot of other things too... total bill $300ish+ :-S Myself I bought the 7800GTX another $500 down the drain..
  3. Thanks for the nice words... Its nice to know someone out there cares ... Alot of you guys I loved talking with over the past few years. But I need a change I got several projects comming up I want to do, and also a new job that might require alot of my time... So its not just a oh OCC is horible now thing... I would of stayed but theres alot in my life to that is going on...
  4. I think its come to a time where I havent seen much from the community I left several months ago... Respect is an issue still on both sides, I am guilty of it, but others are guilty of not respecting me... Frankly OCC still dosent welcome my sarcastic comments either. I use humor alot, most of the time it gets me in trouble or people dont think serious of me... I have been doing alot of thinking, and I think its best that I take a break from this already overpopulated community... My views and ideals dont seem to clash with everyone around here.... Frankly I could give a crap what you guys think of me... Your all internet "buddies", and not real friends... Dont get me wrong I have enjoyed the 3 years I have been here. Its been a fun and bumpy ride... I think the time has come though for me to part and continue with different communitys out there... Ive enjoyed talks with alot of you... But frankly when someone cant freely voice their opinions or crack jokes about something then I dont see it to be a fair and just community.... I know alot of you think badly of me because of things I have done or said. Frankly as badger would say it I was "immature", but who isnt immature? Lets take some people for example. Big Red, Spends more then my teenage sister on crazy investments. Badger has been knowen to look up cartoon animal pron. :-X... Lo has been knowen to make some sarcastic comments, as much as I have... Frankly we are all immature no one will ever be fully mature... Frankly I have enjoyed the 3 years I have spent here... I have talked to alot of members that have moved on and they too have said they left under similar circumstances... Frankly Respect is an issue on all internet forums. I think the bigger they are the worse they get. I know, I know I am guilty of not respecting others around me, but its kinda hard to respect someone when they dont respect you back... With this said, I will be taking a leave once again from OCC, I hope the new moderation staff will be able to clean some of the stuff up, but im pretty suire it will be in vein... OCC just has growen to big and there isnt enough staff to help... D3 even said himself that occ has become to big for the moderation staff that is onboard.. Frankly for every 100 active users you should have 1 moderator... I will be checking up on the forums time to time, but dont expect alot of posting to be done.... I also find it frustrating when I post a serious topic about a mod that I am looking for help with and im willing to pay people to help, get bumped down to a thread that is asking oh im going to mod my computer by putting some lights in it... Frankly thats not modding imo... Some topics are just getting a little stale for my taste too, which is another reason why im leaving.... But when a serious worklog gets passed up by a topic on such lower qualitys is pretty sad... http://forums.overclockersclub.com/Concept_Ideas-t61939.html Only 1 reply from someone.. I thought people would of been excited... Anyways... Im sorry for those I have hurt, but I would also like to hear people apologize for hurting me... Those people know who they are... You can do it in a PM if you like. Anyways guys Take care good luck whatever happens...
  5. Frankly Im sick of the politcal threads turning into a giant E-Penis Contest.. Thus I have Started a poll... We shale do it the democratic way... Frankly the politcal threads go over the same thing everyday Topic Started Some talk Flaming Begins Flaming Grows out of Control Topic is Closed The topics are always the same. Frankly I dont think its nessicary to have a Political thread on a Technology site... Its a pointless battle, Conservitives bash liberals liberals bash conservitives....... All the arguing looks like the darn special olympics, makes everyone look retarted.... So I for one think that we need to move out of this area, If people havent noticed I only have been posting sarcastic remarks in there, trying to keep my opinions to myself... Tonight however I felt like a fight as I have seen so many of my fellow liberals get crushed by the hammer of OCC's diehard Conserie death squad... Lets end the hate... Keep these forums what they are ment to be for, help with technology and tech relatied things.
  6. Put it this way Lo buddy, What was said tonight has been said a million time already. Why must it be stated for am million and one? Thats all.. I frankly Watch a new Family guy then a rerun speech... Im off to smoke a bowl like the big hippie I am...
  7. Hey Family guy has more education that Mr. Bush ever got into it People are going to be upset at me. But im tired of sitting in the conner while all the conservitives have fun.. First Amendment Rights Might I add.. Cant hold it against me! You can however edit my posts if you dont see them worthy Power To the People! Fight the Facist!! Oh wait im reliving a COD momment :-S
  8. All Hail Chancler LoArmistead Supream Dictator of the World and Knowen Universe.....
  9. Havent you heard about CNN's Voice Changer Technology?(Patten Pending), with it they can make bush say whatever left wing crazy crap they want.... CNN IS EVIL! As with all media, Lets burn our books, destroy the newspapers, broadcast information that only supports the conservitive's! Oh wait this was already done by Hitler
  10. Yeah tell me about it... WTF? Wheres da family guy.... This guy isnt Peter...
  11. Is there anyone on the planet that can translate Texanize for me? This is America we Speek Americanize here! Not Texanize Dany You got a Computer in your bathroom thats Fudgin Awesome!
  12. Changed the channel and still sounds like jibberish.... Oh wait its on FOX lets try CNN......
  13. I cant understand him... Its like he is speeking a foreign language..... Oh Wait! I had it on the Spanish Channel
  14. dunno but i ordered earlier this week...
  15. why must they combine a good game (ut) with a crappy game (CS)
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