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  1. MacBooks look nicer IMO. Honestly, if they didn't have the piss-poor video "card" they have now, I'd buy one. I'd assume they'd give a MacBook with a bigger and badder processor a bigger and badder video card though.
  2. The Intel Macs can run Windows and I've seen video of BF2 on a Mac. Having done some reading on some Mac sites, a Core 2 MacBook doesn't seem too close =/ I think that if Apple wants to get into the PC market, theyre gonna have to follow techniques that Dell uses, IE not updating your products every 6 months leaving the prevoius users in the dust.
  3. I'm contemplating getting a new laptop. It has to be under 2000 bucks, and being able to pay in monthly installments would be a godsend (unless the APR is disgustingly high). Should be able to play current FPSes with good graphics (I'm talking medium BF2 for instance, so none of this Intel GMA crap that Alienware puts in their "gaming-grade" Sentias). Mac or Windows, doesn't matter as long as it can meet these requirements. Oh yes, Wireless G has to be in it (combined A B G is fine =p ). So far I really like the MacBook (though it has that garbage GMA950, and I'm scared that if I buy it soon, Apple will release ones with Core 2 a week later) and this Alienware Area 51 m5550 (yeah I know AW has a rep for being overpriced, but the laptop I configged seems like a steal for what it is). Cheers.
  4. Well I basically want to learn how to web design. The whole shabang. Coding and graphics, etc. I've got decent Photoshop skills, decent layout designing skills... I just need a good starting point. What do some of you who make your own sites reccomend? I was thinking the basics such as HTML and CSS, but ultimately I want to be able to do advanced, stunning things with PHP and MySQL. Ya know, make comprehensive advanced sites like GameFAQs (not too advanced actually, but the creator coded the boards himself) or Facebook (maybe not the greatest site but it's hard to say it isn't well made). Flash isn't particularly important to me. So, a sides from what I should start with, what are some good resources? Yes, I know, , but I'd rather some first-hand advice on some good web tutorials, or possibly a book or two. Cheers
  5. If they try to gang up on you, uppercut one and teabag him saying "lolpwned". But seriously, just blow these jerks off. They'll probably end up cleaning the mop buckets at the main office of the corporation you'll run in 20 years =p
  6. Stunning for integrated "video".
  7. lol That's the only thing putting me off from the MacBook series: the graphics card. I absolutely love the black casing, IMO the metal look of the MacBook Pro is boring... but dear god... GMA? I thought we were in the year 2006 =p
  8. At least, if NoKo goes nuts and starts attacking places, we have China on our side... or at least against them. Unless China's condemning of their nuclear test is a bluff.
  9. My computer decided to start freezing randomly today. Was fine a week ago. Today it isn't. Might freeze 2 minutes after startup, might freeze 20 minutes after. Haven't installed anything new, AV is up to date.
  10. Pawn. As P8 said, you kill the other dude's king (or queen... since it's a strong piece) with a pawn.
  11. Having a pal can make a crappy movie kinda fun, true, but still doesn't change the fact that you spent money on a crappy movie. I'm not social by nature. It's just my "programming" so to speak. I've got friends but not a huge ring of them. Fine by me. Like I said, BF2 was the best $50 I've ever spent. 400 hours (ranked and unranked) of sometimes entertainment, sometimes frustration, but in the end I've gotta say it was a far better spending of cash than the 9 bucks I spent on "The Date Movie".
  12. I've spent lots of time on BF2. Lots. Could I have been doing more productive stuff? Sure. But I can't say it was a total waste. I've gotta say I've had LOTS of fun with the game. Best $50 investment ever.
  13. I got one of the new nanos for my birthday today... quite nice... but the sound gets crackly on some songs with lots of sounds going on. The volume's not very high. So is this just the result of not-so-great earphones? If so could someone reccomend me some good earphones, prefferably under 40 bucks and not "street-style (behind the neck)" ones? I was looking at those new Sennheisers but heard mixed results. I'd love a pair with good bass... I dont want to use battery power on the Bass Booster EQ.
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