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I'm the dj at a party soon, and i've already got the music sorted, but I get a half hour to play what I want... I need suggestions - want to go out with a bang. (big tunes, rock remixes, dance music with orchestral?)


let's make a playlist :P

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Busta Rhymes - Fire It Up (samples "Knight of the Phoenix")

- everyone loves Knight Rider! :D


MC Hammer - You Can't Touch This

- best cheesy track ever lol... get people to "do the hammer" for bonus points


Gorillaz - Feel Good Inc

- pretty much everyone i know loves this track no matter what music they like


Moped - The Final Countdown

- moped are a scooter (piss-take) tribute band lol



i could almost do a 1/2 hour session of pure Moped :lol: but The Final Countdown is their masterpiece imo... and anyone who's grown up in the UK will get the references to the Countdown quiz-show :D


The Beatnuts - Watch Out Now

Technotronic - Pump Up The Jam

Michael Jackson - Billie Jean

- class party tunes


i dunno what else to suggest... it's hard to play a set for a bunch of random people who like all sorts of music... well, it's hard for everyone to like it if you're trying to play anything new or slightly non-mainstream heh...


i normally just play breaks or some of the less hard techno/house stuff i have if i'm playing (but i play continuous sets on decks so i pretty much have to play the stuff i'd play at home or in clubs)


good luck anyway... play Moped - The Final Countdown at the end of your set!!!! will take everyone by surprise and everyone will remember you as dj god hehe

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^ :lol:... Yeah. I ask 'coz I'm not really into that kinda music... I'm playing a half-hour of awesome rock and punk that i've remixed (hopefully sounds good) but I have to cater for all tastes :P.... Any suggestions of good current dance music that people are playing (not to hardcore techno-y)

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Erm.... You Got Some Rap n RnB In There?


May I Introduce You To The Legend That Is Tim Westwood!!


1st Off Get:


Outta Control (50 Cent Feat Mobb Deep) ~Such A Quality Track~

When Im Gone (Eminem)

Window Shopper (50 Cent)

No Worries (Simon Webbe)

Lifestyle Of The Rich And The Famous (Good Charlotte)

Bad Day (Daniel Powter)

Tipsy (J-Kwon) ~~ What A Beat~~

The Avenue (Rolldeep)

Yeah (Usher) Still Loved!!


^^ All Great Tunez!!^^


Classic Dance Tracks



The Logical Song ~~~~~~~~All Quality Scooter Tracks




Get It On (Intenso Project)

You And Me (United Nations)

Bullet In The Gun (Planet Perfecto)

Give It Away (Deep Blue)

On The Beach (York)

X-Press 2 Feat David Byrne


Hope that helps :)

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The funniest thing is watching westwood and some ridiculously hairstyled bloke who I can only assume is from essex attempting to pimp out peoples rides, UK style.


Lanky middle aged white man who thinks he's a big black man (Westwood) -


"Well you like football, so we've installed this thing which makes your citroen saxo vtr smell like a damp changing room.. the original masculine aroma."


Big Dog my arse..


Put it this way.. It would amuse me greatly if a large brick fell from a large height, splitting his cranium like a ripe melon.

Not that I have anything against him as a person of course

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