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    Music major right now at Indiana University. You never hear of a half musician/half computer nerd, but that's me - they give me a good balance of art and science in my life. It's my ying/yang.
  1. well being financially capable is important. but are you old enough for a lease? can you find an apartment? and if not, is there an adult friend or other family member that you could live with? i of course oppose but you know what? it's your decision since you're an adult, but adults do this: talk to you parents about it, don't run away, let em know you can't live em right now, and ask them to help you find somewhere to live, if they won't your other family should come first if possible, even if it means moving far away.. if that fails or can't work.. then and only then look towards friends. but if you don't have a good household to move to, there's no point in leaving home as it will be worse
  2. I can't tell if the ACLU is being sarcastic or proving a point.. nevertheless I like the article I feel dumb tho cause I don't understand fully ACLU's potision. Somebody dumb it down for me
  3. it's fairly easy to get ahold of a program called DFT it needs to be burned to a bootable CD, and run an advanced test on your hard drive. i also agree the PSU may be the issue but it's a good solid power supply. definitely not low quality, but with that hardware it's definitely at load, which can affect it's life
  4. good questions. generally most teams don't have set positions, but they do recognize and use skill. on my team i have a guy who knows when to watch our back if we are together.. we don't have to talk about it we just know. we have 2 guys who are the snipers but only snipe when the strat calls for it. if you are gonna rush, no point in sniping. also, it's not so much that each guy has a certain position, but when you practice maps, you use player's skillz to the best. i put our best sniper watching spots from far away.. like so on CT de_dust2, he's long A. Got my better close range guy in B, and so forth. Same thing on T, let your sniper peek and pick somebody off then your close ranger guy leads the run out into battle. etc etc. i have the best throws and usually get a nade kill every round and use flashes, so i do most of the throwing flashes n stuff. kinda rambling, but CAL is SOOOO much fun. it takes dedication and being serious. and LOTS of rules. set screenshots, set practices, you will be amazed at how different it is from public. i haven't played on a public server in God knows how long. it's just not even close to 5v5 serious gameplay. whole different wolrd. hope you like it. my email is [email protected], my clan will be starting nightly practices here pretty soon going over our map strategies and getting used to each other again.. trying new ideas etc etc. so hit me up if you wanna play. oh, and as far as guns used. it's all about economy, get used to "save rounds" or eco rounds, the common thing is kits and nades on CT are more important than guns. if you win first round, buy semi-autos or deagle to still have the winning edge but accumulate alot of cash. if you lose first round, save 1 or 2 rounds, buy nothing at all so you gain enough cash to give you a better chance at winning rounds 4 and on. you don't want to get into a position where some players have money some don't, or you have to buy crappy guns. most common is AK's / Colts with one or 2 awps. if you keep losing, gotta have a save round or two or else you will be caught buying crappy guns the rest of the half and never have a chance to gain momentum. Uber - main guarunteed? that's quite a claim, i've played Main for 2 seasons in 1.6 and 1 in source for Infallible. it's hard!
  5. i'm leading drkside - we made playoffs for source open. can't say i have any openings or official tryouts right now, but you can always play with us and if you are good enough, ure in, simple as that. drk.nuclearfallout.net/forums
  6. so you need a firewall? if so, i'd go with the purchased AVG. i had it once, was great. best standalone firewall is sygate. i personally used sygate and avg for 2 years now, then i realized i've never got a bug, ever. so now i don't use any protection and all is still well
  7. the antec 350 should be fine if you aren't gonna have any more than 1 optical drive and 1 hard drive, and no seperate video card. in fact, i think even the stock one will do ok too. just may not last under that load and could fry some parts eventually. if i were you i'd give it a shot before you spend on a new one, may work great
  8. i'm still gonna say it's the drive, but replace yhe psu before the cd drive cause u should anyway
  9. in my closed loops system i lose about a teaspoon a month. i assume that's not a leak i need to worry much about? am i right?
  10. ahh ok. the block can be oriented however you want. but attach the in on top and the out on bottom... the difference won't be that significant.. but it might help with overall flow by a hair. a very tiny tiny hair.
  11. to cool your radiator better, put more, and/or cooler air through it. that's all. new or higher powered fans, or having cooler outside air pass thru the rad rather than warm case air.. for the block, yes it can be devestating to have the block the wrong orienations.. now, that depends on the block. for my tdx, the inlet is right on the die of the proc, where there are fins inside the waterblock. it's impossible to install it wrong tho, so i'm geussing if that block was designed where it's possible to switch it around, that it wont matter.
  12. if you browse around enuff you'll notice the company that hosts OCC had a drive crash and we went back to a Janurary backup. that's why ure blue star is gone
  13. there should be a way you can still use DHCP.. so that the wireless devices get a local IP.. won't work as a switch I believe. try making the routers ip and dns static according to your room?
  14. ^ same.. for years i've used avg, then after 2 years of never ever having a virus or spyware i said hell with it. been a long time on firefox, no popups ever, no viruses or spyware or malware ever, ever, just a few cookies every now and then
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