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Valve With Ea Now


What do you think of Valve going with EA?  

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  1. 1. What do you think of Valve going with EA?

    • thats awesome.
    • hmm, sounds cool.
    • ah, whatever.
    • valve is screwed
    • OMG, NOOOO!!!
    • Valve?

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I have no clue why EA would want to buy off Valve


Bc even with the annoyance of valve it makes ppl buy the games to play with its constant updates and accounts, it makes it easy to get your games you your new PC with a DL instead of a huge stack of CDs/needing a DVD drive, it makes it ALOT easier to keep people from cheating, and it integrates alot of stuff together. Now, i still hate Steam, and EA for releasing games that are not in a truely relaseable state....

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1. Is Steam Owned by Valve, or is it a 3rd party distributer?


2. this means that EA games will have the same level of copywright protection as current Steam Powered Valve Games.... so you'll probly have to buy the next NFSU game or any other EA game instead of installing a friends....

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Ok, really, how many people read the original article?


EA and Valve have made a sales agreement for EA to direct sales of retail versions of Valve games. Valve still has full ownership and management over Steam. The only way you'll see NFSU on Steam is if EA licenses a copy from Valve.


And yes, Steam is owned by Valve. It was programmed from scratch by Valve programmers, which includes Gabe.



EDIT: And only studios that EA owns release games that aren't fully done. I'm sure that Valve's legal team made sure to setup the contract so they can avoid major pressure from EA, therefor preventing another Vivendi incident.

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wtf r u talkin about, KB?  at the end of the update, after the pics of the new CT skin, it stated that there would be a new addition to the Steam library that was NOT created by valve.  I'm guessing that's what stinkshoe is referring to.



This is what happens when i get behind in my reading. According to the Sept'05 issue of Computer Games Magazine:


Sin -- The story isn't just that Ritual is making a sequel to its lukewarmly received Sin, but that it's appearing on Steam in time for Christmas as the first announced non-Valve-produced title. Maybe even more interesting is that there's no announced boxed version as of yet. Plus it's going to be released piecemeal, at $20 an "episode"

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