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  1. Hey jammin your build is looking great! I especially like the carbon fibre vinyl.
  2. Pardon my non existent photography skills I think you get the aim of the build though. Unassuming box full of power
  3. Oh my god. Google should hire a team of people to take videos like that down. My faith in humanity grows lesser every day.
  4. Thank you ClayMeow! I saw your pictures from CES on Facebook. It looked fantastic. I think I'll have to get a passport and visit one of these shows in the future What do you think of my build then?
  5. Saturday 29/01/2011 Since the power supply in this machine died it was time for an upgrade! In quality rather than power output though.
  6. It's knocked over 20C off my load temps for both CPU and NB before but I was hitting 100C for the CPU before.
  7. Saturday 18/09/2010 First I dismatled everything and got rid of the heatsinks that were going to be replaced with waterblocks. I needed to cut a hole for the backplate and one where the pump would sit so I used my rotary tool and the cutting wheels that come with it. Once the cutting was done I assembled the system on the motherboard. Sunday 19/09/2010 Time to fill the loop and get all the air out. After a few hours running it's time to put the rest of the PC in there!
  8. Progress is being made behind the scenes. Still buying parts though.
  9. Well this arrived. Just waiting for a replacement fitting and a thread extension.
  10. Well I chopped out the existing fan holder and bolted in that bracket with the radiator and fans bolted on. As you may be able to see in the last image the graphics card is touching the radiator.
  11. I'll try I'll also try not to break too much
  12. Hi Clay! Braiding for the second time ever Got a delivery coming tomorrow hopefully.
  13. Just come back after a long time away from OCC and I'm gutted to hear about this. Verran was one of the few people I remember from here as being a real expert. Sad to see you go Verran. It's just not fair
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