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  1. LOL, oh come on i'm not a loser, well the last time I checked in the mirror i wasn't <_< and i play WoW i've had it sence it came out. now on to answering that question, I think you should play , but be smart about it or it will take over your life FOREVER!!!
  2. just stick with your old system and upgrade your vc. the 430W power supply should work just fine. for your drivers just uninstall your old driver and put the new one on(it's really easy to do) .
  3. lets see... half-life 2, F.E.A.R., battlefield 2. sooo old skool! jk what I'm really playing right now is starcraft, super mario, and chrono trigger. (awesome games) :thumbs-up:
  4. YA, we need a half-life movie REALLY BAD!! wow, its been awhile sense i posted on here.
  5. HAHAHAHA thats very funny, how dumb can you get. I bet someone clicked on link to hahahaha.
  6. lol, i bet this forum will be closed soon.
  7. the_brink

    Death Jr.

    I played the game and its fun . that review is not right, you cant trust most reviews anymore. the only downside to Death Jr. is the controls, but what do you expect from a hand held.
  8. avg is simple and works really well.
  9. Don't get me started on Microsoft. <_<
  10. refurb is just an item that was used, but had problems and was sent back to the manufacture, it works fine just think of it as tested by someone.
  11. looks good to me i was thinking about getting that same case.
  12. the only reason i looked at the posts was to see how many dvds bigred has.
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