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  1. eldiablo10

    Techno, House, Electro

    Anyone here love Techno, House, or Electro? I can't get enough of that stuff
  2. DAY OF DEFEAT BABY!!!! Battlefield is awesome too
  3. eldiablo10

    Done With Mountain Mod For Now

    That looks AWESOME. Your screen is HUGE.
  4. eldiablo10


    I have F.E.A.R. but I haven't installed or played it yet. Is the online play good??
  5. eldiablo10

    Your Favorite Gun In Cs?

    That would be sick getting a hit on the head kill.
  6. eldiablo10

    Your Favorite Gun In Dod

    Man Badger you are so complicating. That website helps though.
  7. eldiablo10

    Your Favorite Gun In Cs?

    Well you all know what. I use my difusal kit to kill ppl LOL JK
  8. eldiablo10

    Your Favorite Gun In Dod

    Ok let me put this in other terms. Do I get a gun that kills moving objects?? LOL
  9. eldiablo10

    Your Favorite Gun In Dod

    Hyper hit the nail on the head.
  10. eldiablo10

    5.1 Speakers Vs Headsets

    I like speakers better. I have the Logitech Z-5500 5.1 speakers and I love them. They crank otu 505w and the sub by itself cranks out 188w. They are AWESOME
  11. eldiablo10

    Your Favorite Gun In Dod

    What is the concept of TFC??
  12. eldiablo10

    Whats The Point

    Wow a year old huh. Why would someone have posted in it a year later??
  13. eldiablo10

    Verizon Dsl Or Optumum Online

    Yeah I guess Optimum is better then huh. If I got Verizon anyways we would have to switch from AT&T to Verizon. It will cost to much. Hopfully the Optimum stops lagging out every once and a while.
  14. Here is a question to all who live in the New Jersey area. I have been having problems with my Optimum Online cable internet lately.They keep saying I nedd to replace my splitters and I did. It still runs like crap most of the time. I am debating if I should stay with Optimum or go Verizon DSL. Also if this helps I have to split the connection 3 ways now cause my step brother just moved in and my mom got a new computer. So I don't want to waste the money on two cable modems if my mom decides to go with DSL. What should I do?
  15. eldiablo10

    I Feel Like A N00b

    That game is OLD