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Whats The Dumbest Thing You Ever Did?


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i would have to say....


throwing a ock on my roof to have it bounce down from attic roof to 2nd floor roof to my deck... through a $2,000 glass table... i learned the meaning of safety glass though (at first crack... entire table shatters into small peices)


or possibly when i brought to jersey enough liquor that i had 2 drunk friends hitting on my gilfriend and my little brother get set on fire fom our out of control bonfire


or possibly when i tried moving one of those ikea desks.. to have one end implode on itself and onto my leg while the 2 computer/monitors on it.. slid right down onto me like a hill


... and im only 15.. fun years ahead

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stuck a fork in a 220 volt outlet when five,

attempted to change florecenst light while switch was on( i dident know) them starters have ALOT of amps!

rode my bike INTO a stop sighn......theres plenty more

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