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  1. I Think i'll probe the PSU that comes with the case with my oscilloscope to check voltages and if it's ok then i'll use it, if not then I'll put in the old antec I found. Eventually when I do get around to upgrading the video card I will get a nice 450 watt enermax. I only plan on having an optical drive when installing the os so I think it will be just fine thanks again you guys!
  2. ok, cool, thanks for the input. also do you think that this will turn out to be a good workstation for multitasking? how is the motherboard? EDIT:I have and old antec 350 watt psu laying around, will that be enough wattage? I've also been looking at this enermax 350watt PSU on newegg would this fit in that micro-atx case that I like?
  3. Markie is correct, you will not be able to bridge the two connections to get one fat pipe of bandwidth, only load balencing is possible.
  4. We have a dedicated router like this at my office, when we were transitioning our T1 we had 2 for a month and what happens is that the router, computer or proprietary, will load balence the two lines. So while we had the two lines we could put mail and other services on one and bulk (http) on another or specify certain ports to go throw a certain line which was kinda cool. We could upload and download backups and stuff on one and leave the other for the rest of the workers and services.
  5. Hello again everyone, I havent been here for awhile due to work and school getting a little hecktic but i'm back! Anyway I am tired of using my uniprocessor system, especially since it's a mac mini and I can't manage to get linux installed on it plus I want a system that I can tweak and mess with. So I have a 500$ paycheck coming in and have put together these things: Intel BOXD945GPMLKR Socket T (LGA 775) Intel 945G IN WIN J350FU2D(IW-V500T)and 350 watt PSU -cheap I know but I like the looks,price and size Intel LGA775 pentium D 930 ddr2 667 Patriot Signature 2GB (2 x 1GB) western digital 40gig sata HDD -pushes it over budget I know but I think that 40 bucks is doable on my part no optical drive for now, I barely use one when I have one anyway, to install the OS I'll just rip one out of of my moms machine temporarily Video is integrated, I will upgrade that after I sell my mac mini, I will probably get myself a 7600GS from leadtek (passive cooling) and I will also get another 2 gigs of memory aswell funds permitting. Question is, will this Powerman (actual brand produced by in-win, looked it up and some people are saying that it is the same model as some of pc power and cooling's low end range) PSU put out enough to power all this ( I didn't add a power supply because powerman got good reviews all over the net) or should I put some funds into a better supply. At the moment I think I will be safe with the initial system but need a new suppyl once I add the other 2gigs of ram and videocard. I will not be overclocking this, now that I have a steady job I can see a small roadmap of upgrades, not just once every 2-3 years now. Thanks, aaronamd
  6. ndiswrapper works fine for most things, but if you plan on doing any wardriving than it is a big no no. it cannot measure signal strength and quality. but it does everything else just fine. just emerge ndiswrapper and then copy over your windows driver stuff and do ndiswrapper -l /path/to/driver and then modprobe ndiswrapper and you should be set. they have a great how-to somewhere on the gentoo forums
  7. try ndiswrapper? I know nothing about atheros chipsets but ndiswrapper works great but with the kernel it looks like your modules got compiled badly, trying a new overclock? or, their *MAY* be a dependency you left out....
  8. welcome bask devil, keep up the good posting
  9. helo again everyone, I have a small script I would like someone to debug for me, there errors in it are probably stupid ones I havent scripted in a while... well here it is #!/bin/bash printf "What is the name of your interface?" read IN printf "What access point do you want to connect to?" echo read AP printf "What channel do you want to use for $AP" read CH echo -n "The encryption code for this access point is: " read EN iwconfig $IN essid "$AP" iwconfig $IN channel $CH iwconfig $IN encryption $EN echo echo "would you like to run dhcp?" read DH if [ $DH = "yes" ]; then echo "running dhcp" dhcpcd $IN echo "you should now be connected, have a good session" exit 0 else echo "what IP would you like to assign to $IN ?" read IP echo "assighning $IP to $IN " echo "what netmask would you like to assighn?" read NM echo "what is the internet gateway for this network?" read GW ifconfig $IN $IP $NM route add default gw $GW echo "you should now be connected, have a good session" fi it's a small script for configuring my laptop's wireless card, it seems to get stuck when it hits the if /else statement, it plows through it even if $DH is yes, it will still ask for IP ... and it doesn't fully execute dhcpcd for some weird reason --FIXED IT NVM , PLEASE DELETE THIS POST k thx by
  10. I like HP better. I have an HP-48G, great calculater, just make sure you know RPN hehe....
  11. well I've decided to go with the g.skill anyway I find that it's a much better value and I'll only have to save up a little longer. now, if only I new what to do with my gift cards lol.
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