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  1. Hey guys, the title says it all pretty much. I was able to connect to aim without any problems and then I reformatted to clean up my computer a bit and for the past month I haven't been able to connect to aim.com to download AIM. I instead downloaded it from oldversion.com and installed it but cannot connect to AIM at all either. I can't even ping the website so I'm not sure what the problem is. It is a fresh install of Windows 7 Pro and I've scanned my computer several times. The only thing I can think of is maybe a DNS issue or something? Do you guys have any thoughts about it?
  2. I switched to a different port on the mobo and a different drive became the IDE 2 master for some reason? I though the position of the drive was directly related to which port it's connected to but it's a very strange problem thus far.... I think it's probably also what's causing my computer to just crash every once in awhile. If it's been up for a few days at a time it'll just hard freeze and I'll haveto reboot
  3. This is one of the stranger problems I've seen with my computer. Not that long ago my computer stopped booting and I realized that the boot drive wasn't always coming up in the POST screen. Next to "IDE master 2" It isn't coming up with not detected, it just doesn't have any text next to it meaning obviously it knows something is there but it can't read the drive info off of it. The problem isn't the hard drive itself because I've switched around wires and any hard drive in master 2 is coming up with the same error. All hard drives are Sata II. I can only think of two reasons for this: either the motherboard is malfunctioning, or my power supply is either malfunctioning or too weak for my setup. Has anybody ever seen this problem before? my specs: Gigabyte 790XT AMD Phenom II X6 1090T BE 2X ATI HD5830 1GB 12GB DDR3 1600 Corsair 650TX 650W PSU 12X DVD-R drive 4X Sata II HDD's Few USB devices... Thank you to anybody who takes the time out to read this
  4. I was, in fact, under the impression that to run a second card, I would need to be using crossfire. Since that is not the case, I guess i didn't actually need to cancel that order but rather than shelling out $120 for a 5770, it makes more sense to get that performance boost and grab another 5830 anyhow considering they're not much more. So I think I actually am going to do that. Just clarifying.
  5. Well I feel stupid! haha Just realized that I need to order another card in the 5800 series, correct? Cancelled my newegg order in time. Thanks guys.
  6. thanks! ordered a 5770 from newegg for their anniversary deal. $120.
  7. I'm not actually going to game on all 4 monitors at once, if that's what you were talking about lol I just do a lot of multitasking and if it calls for it, I'd like to game on one while maybe watching a movie on another, not a whole lot more than that. lol
  8. Hello all! Just a quick couple of questions. First off, the situation at hand: I currently have a Gigabyte GA-790XT-USB3 board with an HD5830 in the PCIe X16 slot. Apparently the other slot is also an X16 slot, but it runs at X8 and shares bandwidth with the X16 slot. I also currently have 2 monitors and a TV hooked up to this card and therefore have to switch the outputs in Catalyst. My questions are as follows: 1. If I wanted to add another card, would I be able to add a regular X16 card, even though the slot only runs at X8? Anything special required for this setup? 2. What card would you recommend? I'm looking to possibly get it really only to be able to use 4 displays at once. I do do a lot of gaming and some video editing etc. but I'm just not sure if shelling out the money for another 5830 or so is worth it considering the slot runs at X8 but I'm also not sure what the minimum requirement would be here for running 2 more monitors. Thanks everybody!
  9. Hmmm is there a way I can close this thread? I Figured out my problem lol
  10. Got another AM3 in today, booted no problem. flashed the bios, reinstalled my Phenom II X6 1090T and it works perfectly. This computer is just simply amazing.
  11. i tried to but every time i boot with a flash drive in, it still halts. if i get into the bios and get to qflash and then put the stick in, it either doesnt detect it or halts again. i'm pretty much positive i just need an older am3, so that will be coming in in about 12 hours. i'll be sure to update here. i think it's good information to have for future reference anyhow.
  12. considering it freezes if i let it even try to detect the processor, it also freezes if it tries to detect any type of hardware it seems. with flash drive connected, computer halts before i can get into the bios setup/qflash. ordered a cheap am3 so hopefully thatll let me update the bios and solve this problem.
  13. does it? all i know is that i can only get into the cmos screen through a reset... otherwise it locks and power cycles. edit: okay it supports it but considering it's cycling every time, i dont think i can get into Qflash. and even if i get in, would it stay stable?
  14. eck yeah the BIOS update was the one thing I wasn't hoping for considering I don't have any other AM3 chips laying around right now...
  15. Hey everybody. I just built this computer tonight, first let me list the specs, and then I'll get into the problem: Gigabyte GA-790XT-USB3 Mobo AMD Phenom II X6 1090T 3.2ghz 2x2GB G Skill Ripjaw DDR3-1666 Corsair TX650W Sapphire Radeon HD 5830 1gb Now the problem I'm having is essentially the computer keeps power cycling at the POST screen. If i reset the cmos, I am told about cmos errors and am able to get into the cmos menu through that way and the computer will not power cycle during this time. So if there's any settings you think I would need to change, this is a possibility. This seems to eliminate the possibility of power supply or shorting out in my opinion as it will be stable during this time in the cmos menu. I took the logo screen off as to see the POST screen and I've realized it freezes around different parts: Sometimes it'll freeze just after it displays "AMD Process model unknown" and sometimes it will freeze after it shows the memory test and the memory, which is displayed at 1333mhz, unganged. I'm lost here, if anybody has seen this problem or can recommend steps to fix this problem, It would be much appreciated. To keep in mind also, I've heard some boards do not come with updated BIOS for this CPU and I may need to flash it. Could this be causing the problem? Thanks to anybody that sat through this!
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