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Well, i just bought a 1.4Ghz Tbird, and so far thats all i have, is the CPU & heatsink

what would you guys recommend for everything else? (mobo & ram mainly) I may overclock a little, although i dont expect to much. Onboard video would be just fine & i'd like 512mb of ram. And i have a case picked out that comes with a 400W PSU (i know it sucks) I dont need any optical/floppy drives, because i'll just swap them out of my main rig to get this little guy up and running, then take them back out.


any help is appreciated!


and i'd like to do this for as cheap as possible

(broke college student)

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128mb pc2200


Thats what I recomend.



even for xp?????


Motherboard,  anything with n-force 2 will be good ;)



so any board that has nforce2 is ok? i take it i should stay away from the VIA chipsets





so far this is the case i'm looking @



this is the vid card



now that you've got an idea of how much i'm spending....


all i need is the memory, hard drive & mobo...help!


thinking about this mobo


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that's the board i used for my grandpa's 2400+ sempron, it OCed to where windows though it was a 3000+ sempron (405 fsb) Suprisingly nice little setup. I gave him 256mb PNY PC 2700 and it ran the 3200 speeds with out a hickup. prob. jsut got lucky with the ram, but the mobo seems like a budget board winner. as for ram i would get 256mb PC 2700 from bestbuy/staples/circuit city that's cheap after some mail in rebates. Staples rebates (where i got the 256 PNY) can be done w/o mailing anything, just go online and put in your rebate code and off you go, instant conformation. Still have to wait 6 weeks bc they want to make sure your not going to take it back.

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