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Any good gaming TVs?

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Hey fellow OCCers whats the happs? Time for a monitor upgrade. I have been looking on the web and getting mixed results on a good gaming tv. Is anybody using a 40" tv that has good gaming results? I wanna run 4k resolution. I believe I have enough power to. All input and suggestions welcomed. Many thanks to all you have been real helpful.

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I can't really say any TV is a good for gaming compared to a monitor. Most TVs have anywhere form 30ms to 120ms input lag. The bigger it is, the higher the input lag.


A lot of those TVs have a "game mode" which turns off HDR and other features. That just turns the TV into a generic brand but drops the input lag all the way down to 17-30 (depending on the brand).

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I know this post is a little old

but saying there are no good gaming TVs is ridiculous

just so you know, most high end TVs support HDR10

maybe 1% of monitors do, I can't think of one under 500$ which 90% of monitors cost less than


what it comes down to, how far away from the TV do you want to sit?

and do you want to limit your self to 60 FPS? 

I don't recommend you put a 40" TV on your computer desk,, bro - go ULTRAWIDE

some new 38" ultrawides came out and are pretty cool 

if you want a 4K monitor, just get a 32", but again, it won't have HDR

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