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  1. thanks well, the 1700 is like 180$ the 2700X is closer to 300$, almost double I will consider it though
  2. which is better to get assuming the ryzen 7 is cheaper?
  3. getting sick of having to buy a new stereo or tv or graphic card every few years just because they keep cheaping out on connectors
  4. I mostly use handbrake and all the adobe suites while using adobe many files are over 4GB in indesign and illustrator I only use nvidia GPUs in laptops and portable stuff I have an R9 290x still using
  5. 1060 is decent that is what most people have in a gamign laptop before you oveclock, go back and play that same game again with the new video card and see if the choppiness went away
  6. I do alot of video encoding not really worried about a few FPS increases in gaming I use my computer basically 24 hours a day though would this upgrade make sense? should I consider a 1600X?
  7. hold on bro that game is pretty crappy, it shouldnt be running choppy the first thing you need to do is do an FPS check while the game is running make sure it is actually dropping below 30FPS if not, it could be other issues like your monitor not in sync or too high settings in game
  8. you can get some HP OMEN with a nvidia 1050 for about 750$ or less walmart was selling them on clearance with a 1050 ti for 499$, but people bought them all and are selling them on ebay, lol try searching for HP Omen ax250wm they are about 699$ right now
  9. I dont need 40TB I am just tired of them jacking up the prices over 100$
  10. well uhhh most "web browser" content is only stereo I dont think youtube has a 5.1 channel output not exactly sure what you are doing playing in a web broswer, but it might be normal netflix web broswer does NOT support surround sound 5.1 surround sound is not currently supported while streaming on a computer using Microsoft Silverlight or HTML5. However, it is supported in the Netflix app for Windows 8 and Windows 10.
  11. that's a nice TV, you done good last year LG OLED TV's had a bit of trouble with video game lag though so I don't recommend them for gaming i think they released a firmware update for most of their products, so maybe it's fixed now but I am still a little weary of them
  12. AMD might be coming out with new processors this spring somebody else will always have something better than you have I wouldnt waste my money but if overclocking is fun for you, then that's up to you but like the guy said above, if you have not even pushed the voltage and thermal limits, you got more work to do, bruh you can always decide after that
  13. if your computer has bluetooth get these, make sure it comes with the remote if you buy a used one http://www.ebay.com/itm/Insignia-NS-HBTSS116-Powered-Bluetooth-Bookshelf-Speakers-Pair-Black/372028755470?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2060353.m1438.l2649 it also has a subwoofer output so you can find a cheap polk subwoofer this black friday if you want to get even more advanced and since it is bluetooth, you can play music directly from your phone or PS VITA, etc. as well.
  14. I know this post is a little old but saying there are no good gaming TVs is ridiculous just so you know, most high end TVs support HDR10 maybe 1% of monitors do, I can't think of one under 500$ which 90% of monitors cost less than what it comes down to, how far away from the TV do you want to sit? and do you want to limit your self to 60 FPS? I don't recommend you put a 40" TV on your computer desk,, bro - go ULTRAWIDE some new 38" ultrawides came out and are pretty cool if you want a 4K monitor, just get a 32", but again, it won't have HDR
  15. if write speed is not an issue, windows storage pool is good, you can add or remove them at anytime if they are portable hard drives, then just back them up so you can put other stuff on them if they are stuck in the same computer forevever and you want a single mirror backup, raid is fine edit: btw, if you can afford it you may want to get a little NAS https://www.amazon.com/QNAP-TS-251-Personal-Transcoding-TS-251-US/dp/B00L8GHOQ8/ref=sr_1_12?ie=UTF8&qid=1500315254&sr=8-12&keywords=nas remember, the most important thing about a good NAS is the quality of the software you can control the NAS from your iphone app or automatically upload and backup your smart phone photos or sync files from work to home like dropbox it even has HDMI output so you can watch your videos straight on a TV here are some of the apps: https://www.qnap.com/en-us/cell_app/
  16. laptop batteries are only 15$ now, bro you are making this a way bigger deal than it is however, are you sure you bought the laptop last year? it may have a 1 year warranty so you can ask about getting the battery replaced you can continue to use the computer with a bad battery is fine, but it would be like leaving your TV on 24 hours a day so unplug it if you are not using it if it constantly says it is charging. its very easy to tell if your battery is bad, just start unplugging your laptop while it is turned on while doing normal stuff like web browsing, does the computer last more than an hour? or just 30 minutes?
  17. why do you want 4 surrounds? first of all, your room is pretty little and also very few movies or television and NO GAMES support 7 channel so I recommend you start with a regular 5.1 system and then decide if you want to expand I love the Klipsch R-26, they are my favorite speakers for a good value home theater but u dont need big rear speakers I dont have a recommendation for you though if you use little bookshelf speakers you might need stands and one mistake alot of people make is they put the rear speakers up high by the ceiling on the wall the rear speakers should be level with your head while you are sitting on the couch just like the front speakers I know about the 250-S but they seem a little weird so I have no comment but go ahead and try them
  18. Ive been looking for a general purpose powered speaker recently, I found these best buy insignia speakers that are a copy of the Klipsch they originally sell for 200$ but you an get them on ebay for 60$ new http://www.ebay.com/itm/Insignia-Powered-Bookshelf-Speakers-Pair-Black-QRQ565-/272603517539?hash=item3f786f9263:g:9-wAAOSwOgdYrKq1 for the money, i have never heard any speaker better than these for under 100$ they have bluetooth so you can pair it to your laptop or iphone without a cord it does not have digital inputs though so you wont be able to pair it to a PS4 unless you use a standard cable from your TV that is because SONY cuts corners to make things cheap so the PS4 does not support bluetooth streaming output
  19. I use veracrypt for portable hard drives but its not the most user friendly however, it is not run by some big company that the government has their hands in not that I have anything to hide, but I am sure the FBI and NSA have easy access to open bitlocker and other microsoft products
  20. it was so cold outside, my computer decided to put on some socks this was between the actual fan and the heatsink and was completely blocking the airflow while gaming, my keyboard was getting so hot it was literally burning my fingers, i thought man, I am doing some hard core gaming with huge FPS but my laptop was not putting out as much hot air as it usually did so I thought the fan went bad after opening it up, I had to remove all the taping around the heat sink and inside was this I believe this was mostly caused from using the computer on a bed without a hard surface it has been pulling in the cotton residue, dust, and a little pet hair while i was visiting relatives for the holidays I do blow can air to clean out the heatsink, but this was on the other side in the fan and nothing would help it other than physical removal moral of the story: dont use gaming computers on a bed without protection this was a nvidia 640M heatsink and I could see it throttle while this was happening
  21. Ok, I ordered a switch alpha 12 it has an i5 processor that uses liquid dispersion to keep it cool so it is fanless it "looks good" on paper, but since it is acer I have doubts about the build quality though I like the brand overall for budget users the lenovo miix 700 can also be had for around 400$ or less which seems to be a good buy whatever model you get, I recommend at least 4GB RAM the 2GB models do seem to bog down some, but are still great for entertainment if you just can't afford more bought a surface pro 4 for a relative last year and it has hanged a few times, I think due to the graphic driver or biometrics stuff and I've had to do a hard reset not sure if most users experience this or not edit: lenovo miix 320 just came out it has 1920x1200 screen atom X5 USB type C and includes keyboard all for 199$
  22. ultrawide are amazing once you use one, you can never go back but if you cheap out and dont spend 500$ you will get one with low resolution and that is not good for daily work or web browsing whatever you get, make sure it is at least 1440p I have used a 29" ultrawide and a 34" dont even bother with the small ones, the large one is life changing curved is not important well, for some it makes it worse, like graphic design work and others may like it, for games and such
  23. I bought a switch I hope to sell it on ebay next month because I am a jerk like that seroiusly, though this tegra chip doesnt seem very good. it is basically still a wii-U, just portable. most likely, battery game time is holding back the system.
  24. well, you didnt say why you want to upgrade your GPU? 780 is fine, but it is outdated. and new AMD graphic cards are coming out some time between april-june. now is a bad time to upgrade. I would wait till the summer and get a 200$ graphic card which will give you a noticeable boost in power.
  25. I've tried using craigslist a few times, sometimes its ok when its older buyers but this is how the last video game sale went I sold a new PS4 game for 40$ on craiglist buyer agrees to the price and says hes coming to pick it up he texts me back later says he will come later then he texts me back asks if he can have a discount, so I give him 5$ off he then texts me back and asks if I can deliver it to his house and he doesnt even live in the same city as me - I told him, no he then texts me back and asks if I can give him change, he only has 40$ I told him go to wendys and buy a soda, kid so I meet him at wendys and its a middle aged asian man driving a luxury SUV, lol some people just like to use craiglist for the thrill of it I guess gotta get those rock bottom bargain prices
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