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  1. Naw they are not in raid. Just drivers that I was using during the initial build.
  2. Case is a Corsair 900D. I game at 4k. I use a 50 inch Samsung. 60hz refresh rate. Thinking about upgrading to a QLED tv.
  3. Hello fellow Occers. So I would like input from you guys. My current build is I7 5960x MSI Gaming 9 X99s, 64gigs G Skill Ripjaws V 3000,Samsung M2 drive 128, (2) Samsung 256 ssd drives, 4tb WD backup drive,(2) EVGA 1080GTX TI FE, Silverstone 1500 ps. Using a Corsair 900D case. And to cool everything is 6 radiators 2 water pumps and 26 cooling fans. (24-120 Deltas and 2 140mm Noctuas) all hard lined. 2 fan controllers control the noise. Is it time for and upgrade? Do u guys see anything wrong with my current build? All input appreciated.
  4. Hello fellow OCCers whats up? Issues again. My problem is drivers. So when I disconnect my SLI bridge, I believe the cards are independent. So on my primary card my computer always says "force installing drivers". My card doesnt see its max resolution or cant run it either. In the nvidia control panel max resolution is 1080p. Under device manager its says drivers are installed. But when I connect the SLI bridge back all is normal. Has anyone had this problem before? Or have any advice? Or is something wrong with the card?
  5. Hey cchhalogamer. Many thanks for the info. I was overclocked, now all stock speeds. CPU 3.0. RAM is running 2133 mhz. GPUs stock speed. Ha for sure no water leaks. I am gonna go for the throat and get a new PSU. Will keep you guys updated.
  6. Hey fellas need major help. So now my computer is just randomly crashing. Sometimes it will in 10 minutes and sometimes i can play hours on end. So when this happens the computer stay running but the screen goes black. Under Event Viewer i see a 41 Kernal-Power. I am not overclocked any more. Has anyone experienced this or know whats wrong? Or can guide me in the right direction to a solution?
  7. Hey fellow OCCers whats the happs? Time for a monitor upgrade. I have been looking on the web and getting mixed results on a good gaming tv. Is anybody using a 40" tv that has good gaming results? I wanna run 4k resolution. I believe I have enough power to. All input and suggestions welcomed. Many thanks to all you have been real helpful.
  8. What up fellas? Man need your help again. I finally upgraded to the GTX 1080TI(SLI). Haven't installed them yet waiting for the EK waterblocks. So do you think a Phys X card is worth it? I have read many things online and they are "some say yes and some say no". Is there any one using a Phys X card that can tell me what advantages (if any) there are to using one.
  9. Whats up fellas? Problem here need all the help I can get. So I installed my 5960x and now I cannot adjust some of the features in the BIOS menu. Even though the can be adjusted and are not grayed out I still cannot adjust. Any ideas why? Oh an i also get an IBMT error when I get to the desktop. All help appreciated. Hey disregard this post. Ha some how all BIOS functions are working now
  10. Hey fellas whats up? Ha my pictures suck. Yeah it is big and heavy. Cannot wait to try out the 5960x. Right now with the 6800k overclocked is 4.3 at 1.4volts. Just a hassle to change out the cpu. So do you guys think its worth it for me to upgrade to the GTX1080ti?
  11. Hey felllas what's up? Olokul that is a nice looking rig. Ha mine is not as nearly good as yours. Finally found time to post pics(suspended from GTA 5). Will be changing CPU to a 5960x. Got an untested one off eBay for $223. Of course it doesn't work. But intel is gonna RMA it.
  12. You might just have a bad reading. Have you tried different software to check temperatures? I use RealTemp if I want to get specific temperature readings and my 6800k typically has the cores run within ~5c of each other, max. Any pictures of the finished build?
  13. Ha I am finally up and running. I have a question. I am using the 6800k cpu. 2 cores are always running 20 degrees hotter than the rest at idle and under load. Is this just the design of the cpu or do I need to change something?
  14. Hey xenkw0n. I haven't finished building yet. Was almost there till I got fan paranoia. Ha don't know how loud it's gonna be. But testing Delta fans I have now, 1/4 speed gives me adequate airflow. I am using push/pull on all rads except for the single 120. Not sure if I hit the $4k mark yet. I bought everything used except for CPU(stupid good deal),RAM, fans, and fan controllers. Had some new stuff left over from my last build attempt. The rest of my fans arrive Tuesday.
  15. Many thanks Fragsman. Ha I went into overkill mode. So I originally got 25 Corsair SP 120 31-002319 fans(static pressure 4mm/H20). And for the the 140 rear rad I ordered Silverstone FHP-141 fans(static pressure 3.7 mm/H20). Well the SP120 even in push/pull were barely strong enough to pull air through the front mounted rad and filter. And airflow was not there. So I ordered some Delta AFB1212VHE-R00 fans and what a huge difference even at half speed. So I was able to hunt down 19 more Deltas. Delta AFB1212SHE-4F1C ($5 each). And changing the 140 mm fans for Sunon PFE0381BX-000U-S99 fans.
  16. Hello OCCers whats up? Darn I need more guidance. I am getting closer to completing my build but I am getting sidetracked. I am using push/pull airflow fans (Corsair fans) on all my rads except for one of them. But I am thinking about changing them to static pressure fans. I am using a combination of XSPC EX Rads and Swiftech Rads. Ha am I getting paranoid or what? Will I actually notice a difference in temps by going with the SP fans? And would I still need a push/pull?
  17. Many thanks xenkw0n. I already sent the e5 1630 back for a refund and have a e5 1620 coming. Ha the positive side of it all. I managed to score a 160fps using the 1630 and just 2 gtx 1080s running Heaven Unigine 1080p dx 11,ultra ,extreme AAx8`. Heck even using my old cpu e5 2658. The bios says unlocked multiplier
  18. Well making small progress with hard lines. But another issue has risen. I need help. I got a new cpu (E5 1630v3) and now my motherboard wont accept all the ram. I managed to get 48 gigs installed, but when I insert one of the remaining sticks I get a no boot situation. Debug codes 15 60 55. I have tried installing the ram in many different ways and no go. It all was installed and recognized before with my old cpu (E5-2658v3). Also now i only have 2 gfxs cards recognized. Any ideas would be helpful. Also the bios says "multiplier unlocked" Overclocking possible?
  19. LOL! Ya I was thinking that. But gonna still give it a go. Manage to get 2 lines made. More to come. Might have to use some fittings in some places.
  20. Whats up fellow OCCERs? WOW is the hardline stuff hard. Been watching videos and searching the web, not much help. So does anyone have experience with PETG tubing? I am just having trouble making my lines. What did you guys use for measuring devices? Or what did you use for a mock up? I have already burned through 4ft of the stuff and not one line has not been made. All tips and pointers appreciated.
  21. My radiators consist of XSPC EX rads and a couple of Swiftech rads. My fans are Corsair High airflow fans. They all came with the tower when I bought it. It looks like the XSPC rads have a denser fin structure than the Swiftech rads.
  22. Many thanks for all the input. So now my question is. Is there a big difference between static pressure and high flow fans? All of my radiators are equipped with high airflow fans. If I were to switch to static pressure fans will I see a big difference in temperature? I am going with push/pull configuration.
  23. Well I am using an EK HF Supreme (non oval top) for the cpu. Jet plate number 2 installed. And of course for the gpus I am using EK water blocks. So is there really a difference in temps according to loop layout? Right now my gpu loop is res>3x120>2x120>4x120>gpu water blocks>res. Ha I have not quite figured out the cpu loop yet
  24. Well small progress is being made. Acquired my graphics cards and my power supply. So my question is my Swiftech MCP655 pump strong enough to provide adequate flow through 3 GPU water blocks and 3 radiators? Or do I have to add in another pump?
  25. Ok I have decided on 6 radiators. 5 will have push/pull setup. So I will use 4x120, a 1x140 and a 1x120 for the cpu. And I will use a 4x120, 3x120 and a 2x120 for the 1080's. That is 27 fans total. 2 separate loops. Not sure on size of hard tubing. Any suggestions on tubing and fittings as far as manufactures go? Gonna go with clear tubing. Maybe red and black fluid for each loop.
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