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Do you really need G-sync?

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from my understanding, G-sync works like V-sync but uses a special monitor that matches the GPU perfectly causing no stutter or lag since it does not drop frames like v-sync might. 

basically, it smooths out V-sync


but what I am not sold on, the G-sync monitors minimum refresh rate is 144Hz!

I mean, wouldn't ANY monitor running more than double the industry standard look good?

has anyone used G-sync and can tell a difference? 

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The problem is static refresh rates.

Even if the monitor goes up to 144Hz, you would have to match that 144Hz with a solid 144fps (or 124/90/60 whatever you set it to). Unfortunately, framerate goes up and down all the time and even with high-end gear remains a problem.

G-Sync basically removes that entire problem. It will allow for V-sync like improvements at whatever framerate your rig can handle at any random time. Which might be 144 one second, then 92 a second later.

I cannot attest to how noticeable it is though, I have been itching to get the Asus ROG 27" but haven't taken the plunge, I don't notice any graphical problems on my current 144Hz monitor.

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One of my favorite sites for monitors:



I can see G-Sync (NVIDIA) and FreeSync (AMD) being a good niche item for NVIDIA or AMD, because if someone gets a monitor with G-Sync, that locks that customer up to only buy NVIDIA cards in the future, else the reason for G-Sync for their monitor becomes useless.


The upsides:

1. The stuttering and tearing (if you experience tearing, which is quite rare, you'll want to enable V-Sync, which can then cause more visible stuttering) is adaptively synced, so the the stuttering is less visible than before.

2. Most noticeable stuttering will occur when from drops, like from 60 fps to 30 fps and back up to 60 fps very rapidly. * Also see this as a downside.


The downsides:

1. You won't really notice stuttering with a single graphics card. 

2. *If your framerate drops from 60 fps to 30 fps, and back to 60 fps very rapidly, the least of your problems is stuttering. Mainly seen in NVIDIA cards with boost enabled, the problem lies in the drivers or the game being played, and those frame drops will still seem like lag, though visually, it will appear like there isn't any.

3. As with #2, problems usually lie in drivers or the game being played. If these problems look fixed by using a G-Sync or FreeSync monitor, NVIDIA or AMD could brush off the problem as saying it's nothing to do with their drivers or the game, and that their G-Sync or FreeSync monitors would fix the issue. Pure laziness, and people who don't have a G-Sync or FreeSync monitor will just get the shaft.

4. You're stuck with either NVIDIA or AMD cards if you buy into a monitor that has G-Sync or FreeSync.


I personally don't like the downsides. Stuttering issues and frame drops are caused by graphics card and/or game issues. To attempt to fix it by buying into a peripheral that will cover it up is like covering a cracked window with a curtain and saying it looks better, no need to worry about the cracked window.

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"Need" is subjective. Based on the reviews, it'll make a difference. Like everything else, you'll eventually become accustomed to it until you try something else (better or worst). I notice this with audio gear and I'm no audiophile.


If you play a lot of FPS games, it wouldn't be bad to put it on your list of possible items. I'm deciding what 1440p monitor to get myself. Whether I'll use a non-GSYNC 1440p IPS/PLS (~$300-350) vs one of the upcoming GSYNC 1440p IPS (~$600+). Qnix QX2710 seems to easily overclock to 96 Hz, so thats nice and more manageable. Considering I can do 60-70 FPS @ 3240x1920 on BF4 Medium with an older GTX 680 2GB.


My desk is pretty small at 47.5" in length. The Qnix QX2710 is like 25.4" in length haha. Definitely will have to say goodbye to my 1080p monitors, unless I spend $200 on a Ergotech mount or move out and get a much bigger desk.

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