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  1. Not sure if they have Threadripper on there yet but EVGA has a nice little power meter you can punch all of your components into and it will give you recommendations on what you need. If you are logged in when you do it, they will usually email you a pretty hefty coupon to use on one of the recommended power supplies they list.
  2. I have gotten to the point that any money spent on an AMD card is more than it's worth. Even new.
  3. I really want to get some of those myself. Just the shipping is always such a killer for me. Not that it is expensive, I just hate paying 10 bucks to ship something that could go in an envelope lol.
  4. Damn man, you went all in on that thing lol. Should be a blast when you get done with it!
  5. Always loved those cases. I still have my original one that I purchased many years ago sitting on a shelf in my shop because I just can't seem to part with it. Looking forward to seeing how this turns out!
  6. I get the invite but it always looks like to much work so I don't bother.
  7. Should expect to win nothing and be glad if you win anything. Much nicer that way.
  8. Thanks OCC and Xtracgear for the Carbonic mouse pad! Also thank you for the Just Cause collection but since I already have them both, feel free to give them out to someone else. Thanks Dariuas for the Gigantic key as well!
  9. I am pretty much sticking with Fractual Designs from now on. Not to pricey and the silence is golden.
  10. Well the early reports I read said a hack but I guess it's actually worse since it's valve's own doing lol.
  11. Was going to buy a few things today but apparently it's been hacked.
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