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need help overclocking 3570k

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i finally finished my build yesterday , and i really wanna try oc'ing it but i've never use intel before so i need some guide.please? :thx:


my new build


asrock z77 pro4-m

corsair vengeance 1600 8gb pair

coolermaster V8

kingston v300 120gb and wd black 1tb

enermax naxn 750w

hd 7970 refrence

silverstone sg09


this UEFI thingy is new to me, so i have try some oc'ing my self and this is what i do


cpu ratio 45

inte lspeedstep disable

internal PLL overvoltage enable

power saving mode disable

cpu offset voltage +0.100v

Cpu loadline calibration 100%

cpu PLL voltage up 1 notch( i dont remember how much as i'm at work right now)

VCCSA also up 1 notch

i also disable c1e,c3,c6 and package c state

other option is either on auto or default setting


boot up to windows and prime it for 15 min no bsod, max temp on all core is around 70-72c.. cpuz reports my vcore 1.192v fluctuating between 1.200v and sometimes 1.224v but 1.192v most of the times and cpu speed fluctuate between 4500mhz-4499mhz. my question is did i do this the right way? or do i need to change more setting? i really don't wanna kill my new chip :(  due to a simple wrong setting. there is to much setting in bios for my head to take it all, i thought this is going to simple as overclocking black edition amd chip

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Everything is perfectly normal. Those fluctuations are nominal and happens all the time.

Ignore them. Although the  load temperature is pretty, most probably because of the cooler you are using (i.e. V8). It's a pretty old cooler and I have real doubts over it's capability.

If you plan to use your system 24X7 with that motherboard, I would definitely suggest you to decrease the overclock to ~4Ghz. Reason?

1. Not-so-good cooler. (resting in pretty high load temperature)

2. Not-so-good motherboard for overclocking.

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Turn on speedstep again. The rest looks fine for 24/7 IMO.

i have try turning on speedstep but the cpu needed more vcore to be stable, funny thing is when there is no load vcore dropped to 0.920v as if power saving is enabled but the cpu speed didn't drop to 1.6ghz like it normally does. is this normal?


i really don't wanna run it 24/7 i just wanna find out how much i can squeze out of this thing.  this build is strictly for gaming so i really don't need crazy overclock

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Due to the Intel Heat spreader, Ivy bridge processors overheat quite fast once you pass 1.30 volts on the processor.
With your air cooler,.. I would think 4500MHz would be your safe Max OC. You will need water cooling to achieve and maintain acceptable temperatures above the 4500MHz mark.
4375MHz would be my safe 24/7 on your air cooled set-up,.. @ 175MHz on your base clock and a 25 multiplier. :thumbsup:

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C1E and Speedstep should be enabled if you want to enjoy the power savings and heat minimizing features of the cpu while at idle or light load conditions.  Frankly, I'm not sure why anyone disables those cool features unless you are going for balls to the wall extreme overclocking.


C3, C6 settings are your preference.  Some board mfgs. recommend leaving them enabled, others disabled when you start overclocking.  Personally I'd try it both ways.  If you can run stable with C3 and C6 enabled I don't see why you would disable them.


Same thing for C-States.


You shouldn't need to bump the VCCSA at all for 4.5Ghz.  That is the System Agent Voltage and really shouldn't need to be adjusted (unless you are going for extreme overclocks or need it to stabilize extreme frequency memory aka ddr3 2133 or above).


One note on C3, C6.... this setting may have some minor performance impact on SSDs depending on the motherboard.

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