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Micro ATX Quiet Case Build

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Yes, I don't really want to test people's patience too much.


Here is a small update for you




Those are the top framework pieces, more or less done, but with some finishing to do.

I'll try and get a skin over those in the next few days, assuming my planned material works. If not I'll have to try something else.


I'm also thinking that I may not bother with the fan controller in the top section now, as the motherboards I have been looking at should provide the fan control I need.

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Some more pictures for you now.


Adding the 'skin' to the top frame section has been a reasonably involved process.


The skin itself is being made up of thin wooden veneer sheets (I think they are some kind of oak if I remember correctly). Relatively tricky to bend and stick in place, despite being so thin (about 0.8mm). So I have been focusing on doing that rather than taking pictures of the process.


I have also made some more build decisions. I'm definitely going for Sandy Bridge now, and should have an ASUS Maximus IV Gene-Z to go into the build soon. It's a nice looking board, and even though I could have got something cheaper (I was also considering the P8P67-M Pro) it has plenty of features that should keep me happy for a good while, like a front USB 3.0 header and plenty of PWM fan headers. It also looks cool.


So, onto the pictures of progress.


Here is the frame with MDF supports:




I didn't take any pictures of the actual process of laying the veneer, but it involved plenty of PVA glue, plus various objects to compress the sheets as the glue dried.


Anyway, this is how it looks at the moment.


From the front:





And from the back:




The hi-tech peg system is there to help stick down some stubborn corner sections.

Once that is all dry I will give the whole thing a sand down with some fine sand paper and then give it some coats of varnish.


Then I'll have the bottom section to do in the same method.


Excited about getting a motherboard, and I'll be looking to scrape together enough for a CPU over the next few weeks (maybe AMDs BD release will push prices down a bit.. I can hope anyway).

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It will just be varnished yes (no varnish on it so far).


I did a little test piece with some spare veneer (one coat anyway) and it will darken the finish a bit, but it should look good. :)

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