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  1. Yeah, I ended up only with a Tokenly wallet, which seems to be all that is required per the instructions. The video and the instructions are pretty thorough, so I think I'm all set up at this point.
  2. Thanks! I've went through the instructions and I'll give it a go!
  3. 2-1070s only use a little more power than 1- 980ti and get more than double production... 980ti single card i7 920 windows rig with killawatt it was pulling 360 to 370 watts at the wall. two 1070s on i7-920 rig one is the gigabyte with 3 fans the other is the asus strix OC both at stock clocks pulling 390 watt I did see it go to 400 even a couple times. 2- 1070s makin about a million ppd.. FLDC is paying for most of it... or the video cards are paying for there self... Thanks for all of the information, it's all quite interesting, especially the power usage. I've never really looked into FLDC or electronic currency all that much. How can it be converted into actual dollars that you are able to utilize? Does the conversion rate change somewhat frequently? And lastly, do you simply fold to a certain team in order to receive the FLDC?
  4. Glad to see more people getting back into this! I've been rocking on WCG for quite a bit now and plan on keeping it up through the winter months as well.
  5. Ok, so I lied, lol. I have a Mushkin 2x1GB kit. My apologies!
  6. Quite a deal you have here. Good luck with your sale!
  7. I believe that I have 2x2GB DDR2 at my home, but I'll have to check to make sure. If it is, I think it might be 667 or 800, so not quite what you need, but they do have heat spreaders on them. Anyhow, I'll try to post back here and let you know once I make it home.
  8. 22 years, manager of a logistics team that spans multiple physical locations in the United States.
  9. Foxconn, a motherboard manufacturer that is also the supplier for Apple products, has announced that it has cut 60,000 employees at a factory located in Kunshan, a Chinese manufacturing hub. The job cuts are due to the implementation of robots at the factory, as Xu Yulian, a Foxconn spokesperson, revealed that "The Foxconn factory has reduced its employee strength from 110,000 to 50,000, thanks to the introduction of robots." The news comes a little less than a year after 146 workers lost their lives in an explosion at the Taiwanese-owned metalwork factory in Kunshan, which prompted the government to pledge 2 billion yuan per year in subsidies for the implementation of industrial robots. The move for Foxconn to replace more than half of its workforce at the Kunshan factory was also to reduce its overall costs, as many jobs within the area are being lost to other countries like India, which feature low labor costs that compete directly with China. The robots at the facility should allow for continued growth of Foxconn's operations within Kunshan. Source: The Stack Back to original news post
  10. Elitegroup Computer Systems, a manufacturer and supplier of various computer components, has officially launched a new LEET GAMING motherboard and LIVA mini PC at this year's Computex trade show. The new motherboard, known as the Z170-LIGHTSABER, boasts premium features that are tailored towards gamers, such as special LED illumination with 7 colors, a brand new USB power supply design that supports high power USB devices, and Nichicon audio capacitors that provide both stability and reliability. The new LEET GAMING motherboard also includes a Killer E2400 Gaming high-performance Gigabit Ethernet Controller, which helps to prioritize bandwidth so latency is reduced as much as possible. The new LIVA mini PC, known as the LIVA Pro mini PC, utilizes a mini-STX motherboard that is 29 percent smaller than mini-ITX motherboards, allowing the latest ECS product to feature a size of just 1.3 liters. The LIVA Pro mini PC supports the latest processors from Intel as well as up to 32GB of DDR4, and features USB 3.0 with the Type-C connector, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, a 2.5-inch storage option, and dual display outputs that include HDMI and DisplayPort. Source: Press Release Back to original news post
  11. DEEPCOOL has officially debuted its latest computer chassis known as the DUKASE V2. The DUKASE V2 is an ATX chassis that boasts a suspension-style top panel that is both aesthetically pleasing and easy to clean, a fan controller that can adjust three fans at the same time, and an ODD-free metal front panel that provides excellent ventilation while offering intriguing design. DEEPCOOL has ensured that its latest chassis features a side window that highlights the internal components of any build, and has also included plenty of logically placed holes for cable management. Other notable features of the DUKASE V2 include independent mounting positions for a 2.5-inch drive, LED strip mounting slots, and an extra large cutout for CPU cooler installation. Available in black and white color schemes that feature an MSRP of $69.99 and $74.99, respectively, the DEEPCOOL DUKASE V2 is expected to be available to purchase sometime next month. Source: Press Release Back to original news post
  12. NVIDIA was able to utilize the Google I/O annual developer conference to boast some of the new capabilities that its SHIELD device will feature, thanks to the upcoming version 3.2 update. The company noted that with the update, SHIELD owners will have access to things such as 60FPS 4K support for YouTube videos, 4K video content from VUDU, and HDR videos on its Gamestream service. Version 3.2 will also include HDR video support for both Netflix and VUDU, making the NVIDIA SHIELD the first smart TV box to feature Netflix HDR. While not exclusive to the SHIELD from NVIDIA, a wealth of new entertainment applications will be available to the device thanks to an update being pushed by Google for Android TV. Some of the entertainment applications include ESPN, STARZ, WATCH ABC, MTV, and CNN, just to name a few. To celebrate the upcoming new features, NVIDIA is running a promotion in which customers can receive a a free remote with the purchase of either the 16GB or 500GB models of the SHIELD. Source: Android Police and NVIDIA Blog Back to original news post
  13. According to the latest data from StatCounter, a web analytics company, Firefox featured more usage than Internet Explorer and the new Microsoft Edge browser when looking at desktop browser usage on a global scale. In the month of April, Firefox boasted 15.6 percent global usage, while Internet Explorer and Edge featured just 15.5 percent. This represents the first time ever on a worldwide level that Firefox has had more overall usage than its Microsoft rivals, though it is worth noting that StatCounter analyzes browser usage from a total three million websites. Although recent reports have noted that Firefox is losing market share utilization, which is certainly the case from looking at the StatCounter data, it seems that Internet Explorer and Edge are following the same path except at a faster rate. Despite the small lead that Firefox is now enjoying over Internet Explorer and Edge, Chrome continues to dominate in worldwide desktop browser usage with 60.5 percent in April alone, which is up 1.5 percent from February of this year. Source: Ars Technica UK Back to original news post
  14. BIOSTAR, a leading motherboard manufacturer that was launched in 1986, has officially announced its latest system board known as the J3160MD. The new product offering from BIOSTAR boasts the new Intel Celeron J3160 quad-core processor that features base and turbo clocks of 1.6GHz and 2.24GHz, respectively. The new SoC processor that is a part of the Intel Braswell Refresh allows for reduced electricity requirements, improved clock rate headroom, and improved Intel HD graphics that enable 4K UltraHD content delivery. The J3160MD, which features a VGA and DVI output for maximum versatility, also includes native support for DDR3L-1600, providing system builders with power savings, increased graphical performance, and improved system responsiveness when compared to the old DDR3L-1333. Source: TechPowerUp Back to original news post
  15. Lol, definitely an interesting creation. It seems like this would be really neat for benchmarking phones that have metal bodies for heat dissipation, and seeing how high they can be overclocked before they start to crash. Maybe a possible experiment if you happen to have such a device?
  16. Samsung has officially announced the EVO Plus 256GB microSD card, which happens to be the largest card in its class. The 256GB version of the EVO Plus offers consumers with the ability to store up to 12 hours of 4K UHD video or 33 hours of Full HD video, enabling content creators to focus more on the experience at hand and less on storage concerns. Samsung has ensured that its latest microSD card has excellent performance, as it offers read and write speeds of up to 95MB per second and 90MB per second, respectively, thanks to the incorporation of the company's V-NAND technology. Un-Soo Kim, the Senior Vice President of Brand Product Marketing and Memory Business at Samsung Electronic, noted that “With the upward trend of consumers using high-performance, high-capacity mobile devices, our new, V-NAND-based 256GB microSD card solution allows us to deliver the memory card consumers have been craving.” The Samsung EVO Plus 256GB microSD card boasts a 10-year limited warranty and is expected to be released in more than 50 countries sometime in June of this year. Geared towards individuals who desire the best expandable memory storage for applications such as high-resolution photography, 4K video recording, 360-degree video recording, and more, the EVO Plus 256GB microSD card from Samsung features an MSRP of $249.99. Source: TechPowerUp Back to original news post
  17. FSP Group, a company established in 1993 that remains as one of the leading power supply manufacturers in the world, has officially announced the Hydro X Series 80 PLUS Gold power supply units. The Hydro X Series from FSP Group are ATX devices that make use of Japanese-made electrolytic capacitors along with other premium components to provide the utmost efficiency at the lowest noise levels possible. A custom DC-DC design with solid capacitors is utilized with the +3.3V and +5V modules, providing voltage stability and wide system compatibility, and tight regulation of the +12V rail balance point is made possible from a bespoke variable resistor design. The Hydro X Series 80 PLUS Gold PSUs include an Eco-Minion Controller that allows for 82.5 percent efficiency for low standby power consumption, compared to 75 percent efficiency of other PSUs, and also boasts a custom power guard that reduces power surges when turning on the unit. FSP Group will be offering the Hydro X Series 80 PLUS Gold PSUs to consumers sometime this month, with the 450W, 550W, and 650W versions retailing for $89.99, $99.99, and $109.99, respectively. Source: TechPowerUp Back to original news post
  18. According to a Thai technology site known as Zolkorn, AMD will be launching some of its first Polaris graphics processing units at the end of this month. The news comes after the company supposedly sent out a very limited number of invites to media outlets for a launch event in Macau, China that is occurring in late May. The event is slated to take place just days before Computex 2016 in Taipei, Taiwan. If AMD does indeed utilize the event later this month to launch its Polaris cards, which would be based on the 14nm Ellesmere and Baffin chips, technology enthusiasts and consumers alike should expect some AIB-branded products on display at this year's Computex. Source: TechPowerUp Back to original news post
  19. Awesome work! Congratulations!
  20. If it's technically illegal to sell it, and you are admitting that fact, then it sounds like this thread needs to be locked and the chip needs to be kept by you or sent back to Intel or something. "Engineering samples are early versions of new technology sent out to OEMs and reviewers for testing purposes, and remain the property of Intel. They are usually sent to OEMs in order to assist in the development of compatible products, or for display purposes. They are not for sale, and anyone selling them is technically stealing them to do so." http://www.cpu-world.com/news_2012/2012010401_Four_engineers_arrested_for_selling_Intel_ES_chips.html
  21. Users of computers that utilize an ASUS motherboard may have recently noticed that their machines provided them with a "Secure Boot Violation" after a round of updates were installed on Windows 7. This error is directly caused from an update labeled KB3133977 that Microsoft changed from "Optional" to "Recommended," which ensures that the update is installed automatically by default. The update bricks Windows 7 machines running ASUS motherboards in UEFI mode, since Windows 7 does not inherently support the additional layer of security that Secure Boot provides. When the update is installed, the motherboard ends up sensing a violation of Secure Boot and will not boot from the device that contains Windows 7. Those affected by the issue are being advised by ASUS to deactivate Secure Boot while still being able to boot in UEFI mode. Source: TechPowerUp Back to original news post
  22. Can someone edit the title of this thread please to note that this has been sold?
  23. Can someone edit the title of this thread please to note that the items have been sold?
  24. Can someone edit the title of this thread please to note that these drives have been sold?
  25. Can someone edit the title of this thread please to note that these two drives have been sold?
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