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These kits are actually surprisingly very decent for PC use.


Don't expect to be able to apply a lot of torque to anything but for PC use even the cheapest tool will work.


The kit I had awhile back came with:

  • Ratcheting screwdriver
  • 9 bits
  • 1 socket bit and 12 sockets
  • Allen wrench set
  • small part/screw grabber
  • adjustable wrench
  • needle-nose pliers


I've since upped to a large toolboxed crammed full of a bunch of junk but I'm reasonably sure I could do anything to a computer withthat kit that I could with my current tools...

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My tool kit has over 50 different tools in it and I have used every one of them at one point and time. Of course I don't work at GS and only replace Grandma's HDD's all day. lol


List of a few things in my tool bag that I use almost daily...


-Ratcheted Craftsman screwdriver with 8 different bits

-Mini screwdriver set with 3 different sized philips and 3 different sized slotted

-Mini Torx set

-Digital Multimeter



-LAN Tester

-Wire cutters

-IDE/SATA HDD to USB adapter

-Electrical tape

-Plastic and Metal Spudger

-Needle Nose Pliers

-Vise Grip Pliers

-Metal Snips

-Two 4GB USB Thumb drives

-Case of software

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