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  1. I may sound mean, but i think this is the way to go. Just don't push it. Don't put up a pic on your facebook with another girl. THats not how to end things properly. Confront her seriously. If she doesn't answer to why this and why that, I think it is better for you to leave her for the time being, and after the deployment, find a girl you want to have a more serious and down to earth relationship.
  2. Here's my tip: Always eat a big and healthy breakfast. You will be less hungry during the day, and will shed a lot of weight. Eat more complex carbs, so fruits, vegetables, whole wheat breads. Only drink water and milk, as other drinks are simple carbs that will eventually fatten you. Do not eat sweats or things of that such. And remember everything has an alternative, so instead of eating something as fat as pork or beef, you could try turkey or game. Exercise a lot and do it consistently. Eat fat free proteins, such as turkey and beans. Skip eating out and cook with olive oil. AND GET OFF THE DAMN COMPUTER NAO!!!!!
  3. Havn't been on forums in a while, but if this server happens, im all in.
  4. dang! only 1.2k for something like that!?
  5. cuz ur moma so poor that she's on the pursuit o happiness, thats why.
  6. may i recommend a modular psu? because the chassis is so small, a modular psu will make ur life lots eaiser GOOD LUCK WITH UR BUILD
  7. the scythe mugen is the bost of those chioces. You can always get CCTF or a Cogage True Spirit, as both of which perform well.
  8. i think it should be fine, cuz ivy has his 4870x2 running at those kind of temps too. you should clarify with hiim,
  9. minigeek


    it is? that makes more sense heres another gameplay video
  10. minigeek


    o hot damn, im gna download that right when it comes out, i still can't blev its free
  11. are you really trying to reach 5.0 ghz? *sigh* i think you're going a bit overboard, err, A LOT overboard. lets just hope you dont fry your cpu or mobo
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