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  1. Double action revolver and DAO pistol triggers are very different than the single action revolvers / pistols. They're long, sometimes very heavy trigger pulls. You probably can't dry fire a .22 revolver in a shop (the firing pin will damage the gun). You can probably dry fire a centerfire revolver to get a feeling for the triggers. I really like revolvers, but I don't really have a use for one at the moment. Maybe if I have $$ to burn. .38 special is pretty cheap to shoot (probably around the same price as 9mm). .357 magnum revolvers will shoot both .38 special and .357 magnum. I'd love a S&W 686 or GP100. Very nice guns
  2. The first question is...what do you want to do with the firearm? Are you looking at autoloaders only? What is the maximum that you're willing to spend? If you just want an economical (to shoot) handgun, I don't think you can go wrong with a .22 LR. Ruger makes very good .22's (Mark 1-3, single six/ten, 10/22, 77/22). I'll probably pick up a Mark 3 comp...but, only after I can find .22 LR locally... No point in buying a firearm when I can't shoot it. Rent 'em if you can. See if you like the trigger and can shoot them decently. Some people are really picky about triggers, especially with all of the variations, DA/SA, DAO, SAO, etc. They are very very different.
  3. Oh, before I forget. With a revolver - pay attention to where your fingers are relative to the "danger" end of the cylinder. Basically the area between the cylinder and the barrel allows hot gasses and other bits of stuff to come out, potentially putting you in harms way if you're not paying attention. It's generally not a problem with the larger revolvers, but smaller frames may allow your fingers near the "forcing cone". Probably more of an issue with your weak hand when shooting with both hands (strong and weak).
  4. Revolvers won't have safeties typically. Keep the gun pointing downrange, finger off the trigger until you are aimed at your intended target. Always consider what is behind the target, but at the range this may be overlooked (since there will be a backstop). When you're carrying it around or handing it to another person, you can do so with the action open (with a revolver, the cylinder is out). That way you can tell that it is unloaded and safe. As Andrew mentioned above, doubling up on the hearing protection is very useful. My girlfriend does this at the range. I'm not quite as sensitive. If your dad is ok with this (and it's ok for the gun), you can "dry fire" it at the range. This is done without the ammo, or with "snap caps". Some gun manufacturers like snap caps, others are fine to be fired without them. You can use this to work on your point of aim on the paper target, and get some practice with the trigger. If it's a double-action revolver, you can likely shoot it single-action as well, unless it does not have an exposed hammer. My recommendation would be to try both, but be aware that the trigger pull is much lighter for single action than double action, since it does not have to rotate the cylinder or cock the hammer. But, as mentioned above, just have some fun. .38 special is pretty mild, even with light snubbies (the first handgun that I fired was a snubnose Taurus). If you're not having fun or are too nervous, you can always come back later. Indoor ranges can scare people away if they're really busy with a lot of shooters (since it will be quite loud). Cheers
  5. I think I'm going to look for something with a low TDP and about the same "oomph". I do game a bit on the HTPC, but nothing too high-end (1080p only). Are the 650 Ti's any good? $140 + Assassins Creed 3 looks like a pretty good deal.
  6. I was greeted with this error code today after I came back to the computer and the screen was off. I force rebooted it, but there were artifacts on the boot screens. The code is directly from the device manager. It says it won't start because of an error. NVIDIA settings won't start because it says "You are not using a display attached to an NVIDIA GPU." Right... Thoughts? Should I just navigate over to Newegg?
  7. Crazy_Nate

    Diablo 3

    When you get frustrated with one character in inferno...you'll spend time on another character. That's why I have a 2nd character in inferno For skills, it seems like to survive you need: 1 skill to negate incoming damage or drastically reduce it. 1 skill to heal. 1 skill to flee. 1 skill to buff. 1 skill to stun / freeze / other crowd control. That's gotten me into Act II of inferno...beyond that, it's just painful.
  8. Crazy_Nate

    Diablo 3

    Yeah, Life on Hit does seem really useful. I wonder what Act 5 is going to be like with the Terror Demons...they basically negate any useful form of healing. Talk about terror.... What're some of these other acronyms for those of us "old folks"? DoT = damage over time? CC? CD?
  9. Crazy_Nate

    Diablo 3

    I get most of my gear from the gold auction house. No shame in doing so... most drops are junk. I have found a couple nice weapons, but that's about it. I have two characters in Inferno. A level 60 barbarian and a level 60 monk. Both are mega all-resist, 800 resist / 8k def on the barbarian and 600 resist / 5k def on the monk. 10:1 seems to work pretty well. I need to find a balance between the primary stats and the necessary secondary ones. Str + vit for the barbarian and dex + vit for the monk. Perhaps a 2:1 ratio might work. Any tips for high level healing? Most things don't do much for a 30k HP character. Is it all HP regen or life per hit or what? Ok, here's a quirk. I've found 4 legendary items: a giant skull (ok), two junk butcher's sickles (why two of them?) and a grandfather (also junk). Are they just for creating firery brimstone at this point? At what ilvl does the item need to be to make the brimstone?
  10. Crazy_Nate

    Diablo 3

    I'm up to about 360-400 on resistances before impunity - it helps a lot. Too bad I went from 120% magic find to about 50%. But, at least I'm surviving. 95 - 100% of my gear is from the AH. Kinda sad, but that's the only way it works.
  11. Crazy_Nate

    Diablo 3

    I really hate the person that thought of invulnerable minions... I just got smashed by this combination: invulnerable minions, jailer, frozen, arcane enchanted. Ugh.
  12. Crazy_Nate

    Diablo 3

    Thanks for the heads up...I had to figure out what was wrong with the skills and then realized I haven't been using elective mode. Time for more defensive skills
  13. Crazy_Nate

    Diablo 3

    Anybody got any Inferno tips for a Barb? I'm getting smashed...8-9k DPS and about 7200 def. Can't handle the random elite mobs in act I. Three or four hits (tops) and I'm dead. I have 60+% damage reduction! How the hell?
  14. Crazy_Nate

    Diablo 3

    I mean, c'mon, can't you at least attempt to estimate server demand at release??? "Battlenet is down for maintenance"
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