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  1. Def not a gangster. And don't have a heat gun. But I will keep the other heat trick in mind next time.. Anyway, I'm thinking about posting my old GTX 460 on here for sale, just FYI. Never sold, but I did buy once.
  2. I tried them, but it was still really on there. Maybe just the thermal paste stuck on there good? Edit: Yup. thermal paste. Got it off.
  3. Alright! Just got it in, but its time for The Flash. Quick question, does anyone know how to open an EVGA GTX 460 FPG with external exhaust? https://plus.google.com/photos/114225675653996845389/albums/6116986126381505841?authkey=COPo1smNlOS-Ng
  4. Should be here the 17th. I just started playing Tomb Raider (2013), I'm excited to be able to turn the Hair settings to TressFX and not drop my FPS from 60 to 30. lol. Oh, and the whole "Ultra" thing too. I tried playing Advanced Warfare on my 460 when it first came out...had to set the internal res to something like 864x486 just to run at 20fps; looked terrible, I immediately quit.
  5. Well, I just purchased my EVGA GTX 970 with the fancy dual fans. Hopefully I don't regret it.
  6. Cool. I think I'm still going to get it then. I'm not terribly concerned with it being 3.5GB, I just didn't know how much it would affect performance if i was expecting to play one of the newer, texture heavy games like CoD. And jdm, I've thought about getting the R9 290, but I've been an nVidia guy all my life and old habits die hard. I'm not arguing performance, just personal preference. lol
  7. So i was really close to buying the card, and then I read the 3.5GB+0.5GB memory layout and how that last .5GB is about 1/7th as fast as the rest of the memory. Do you still think this is a good investment at $350?
  8. That's kind of what I was thinking. I've had the 460 for about 3 years now, about a week after Battlefield 3 came out and I spent around $150. I'm hoping the 970 will take me until the next console gen happens, which should be another 5-7 years or so.
  9. There's a few things I don't prefer to buy used and GPUs are one of them because you just never know how hard they were run or how high they were overclocked. I would honestly feel bad for whomever I sell my 460 to just because of that reason, I'm not soft on GPUs or CPUs.
  10. Been away for a while but I'm back with a question. I'm currently rocking a GTX 460 that I got when the 600 series was coming out. With all these new AAA games coming out with stupid texture memory requirements (COD, Shadow of Mordor, etc) my 460 just can't keep up anymore. I was thinking about buying a new 970 since nVidia pushed their new tech with it, but I'm not sure if the $350 price tag on this EVGA or Gigabyte is worth it, or if I should just go with something slightly older with 3-4GB of VRAM. I've never used AMD/ATI but I'm open to suggestions if the price/performance is decent.
  11. So I finally got it to work. I had to disable driver signature enforcement. bcdedit /set LOADOPTIONS DISABLE_INTEGRITY_CHECKS bcdedit /set TESTSIGNING ON bcdedit /set nointegritychecks ON
  12. I was trying to avoid spending that much on this system. I only put about $600 total into it when I built it last year because I just need something that will run a couple VMs and plex. I just needed to throw in another drive for one of the VMs, but i don't have the ports.
  13. I have an MSI A75MA-P35 running Server 2012R2 X64 and am at my drive limit (6). I have a spare 4-port SATA card, but 2012R2 doesn't support it Does anyone know of a cheap ($20-$30) 2-4 port card that supports 2012R2? I've been looking a few places but don't see anything under $100. If not that, then does anyone know if the onboard SATA chipset supports port-multiplers?
  14. It doesn't I just looked at the picture and the bottom has no panels at all
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