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How much would YOU pay for this computer?



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As a college student I am looking to get out of the computer enthusiast and gaming world for the time being for a number of reasons (still going to be around these forums though). I was looking to part out my machine and sell it but instead recieved an offer from a friend here on campus whos Dell is slowly crapping out and he wants a machine that will play BF2 and run xp.


My question is how much I should be selling this for, he has offered me 700-800 dollars depending on what details we iron out. I feel uncertain about selling for this much because of how much money I have put into this thing over the years. Sans the 200 and 250 gig harddrives, the sound system, monitor, keyboard and mouse, how much money would you pay for the machine in my signature?


Edit: computer at the time of this post

NF4 Ultra-D

623-2 BIOS

3800+ X2 Toledo

XFX 7900GT/Zalman VF900-CU

OCZ 4x512 Gold BH5 @ 2-3-3-6 2T

Hitachi 80 GB SATA/JBOD

OCZ GameXStream 600W

Saitek Eclipse keyboard

Creative Audigy Soundblaster SE

Logitech Z-2300 2.1 speakers

Samsung 206BW 20"

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MB ~100

CPU ~100-150

GFX ~220

RAM ~120

HDD ~30

PSU ~100


Total ~670-730

if he wants winXP as well add ~100


I'd say 700 would be a fair price (for hardware); but if he feels it's worth more to have it already put together that's up to him

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Guest r3d c0m3t

Agreed. $700-750 seems like a fair price for a computer that's already working, and has what he needs to play BF2. If you've overclocked, than you should add about 20-25 for manual labor. :rolleyes:


In all seriousness though, $700 seems like a very fair price, and it's going to be somewhat cheaper than buying an OEM PC or building one for himself.

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Wow thanks for all the speedy replies guys! Looks like I am giving him my copy of XP SP2 as well with the machine. You'll never guess what I am probably gonna buy with the money from this... ::cough::macmini::cough::. Could use even more input though, keep those posts coming!

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I don't think I'd pay $700 unless the parts were brand new and came with original receipts for RMA purposes, so it's a good amount to receive for it, you're not getting ripped off... If he's willing to pay that much for it, take it! You're not ripping him off because it's a pre-built machine... and if anything ever goes wrong with it, guess who's gonna do the troubleshooting :rolleyes: so sounds like a fair deal to me :-)


If it's had an OEM copy of XP on it, you may as well throw it in with the deal... it's technically tied to that hardware... and for gods sake... don't ever sell anything for more based on it's overclock-ability... :rolleyes:




no he said "sans"...which means without lol



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