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    AMD x2 3800+
    2gb OCZ Dual-Channel Platinum
    OCZ Powerstream 520
    WD Raptor 36gb 10,000 RMP
    WD Caviar SE 250gb 16mb Cache
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  1. Thank you. With that info I was able to find what I needed in seconds and just ordered one along with some other SATA cables I need.
  2. I need to install a new HD into my case. It
  3. wingspar

    3TB drive Formats As 746.39GB

    The blue light on front of the new Vantec case now works. My fault. I
  4. wingspar

    3TB drive Formats As 746.39GB

    My C:\ drive (SSD) is running at 82 F. The others are at 104, 95, 104 and the passport at 89 F. CrystalDiskInfo has always shown centigrade and I
  5. wingspar

    3TB drive Formats As 746.39GB

    It turns out that the external case was the problem. The Vantec case I mentioned earlier arrived today and the 3TB hard drive formatted correctly. I am currently running a backup. There is supposed to be a blue light on the front of the case to indicate activity. It doesn
  6. wingspar

    3TB drive Formats As 746.39GB

    I found the box the external case came in and found out that it only supports 1.5TB. Got hold of Western Digital by phone and he suggested that it could be the case. (Guy didn
  7. I just installed a new 3TB drive in an external case to be used for backup. It replaces a 1TB drive. I formatted it and it only shows as a 746GB drive. Why is it doing this? OS is Win 7.
  8. wingspar

    Computer Can

    Yes I did.
  9. wingspar

    Computer Can

    After reading up on Virtual XP I decided to just buy a new cam. A Logitech C920. The frustrating part is that the Logitech site (probably the most user Unfriendly site I
  10. wingspar

    Computer Can

    This is a Logitech webcam I
  11. Uploads to YouTube used to be fast. It
  12. Well, my other half gave me a Linksys wireless router, and I
  13. Wish there was a way to know. I suspect maybe the router, but maybe the modem? I haven
  14. As I mentioned in my first post, both computers are hard wired to the router. I do not have wireless anything.