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  1. Thank you. With that info I was able to find what I needed in seconds and just ordered one along with some other SATA cables I need.
  2. The blue light on front of the new Vantec case now works. My fault. I
  3. My C:\ drive (SSD) is running at 82 F. The others are at 104, 95, 104 and the passport at 89 F. CrystalDiskInfo has always shown centigrade and I
  4. It turns out that the external case was the problem. The Vantec case I mentioned earlier arrived today and the 3TB hard drive formatted correctly. I am currently running a backup. There is supposed to be a blue light on the front of the case to indicate activity. It doesn
  5. I found the box the external case came in and found out that it only supports 1.5TB. Got hold of Western Digital by phone and he suggested that it could be the case. (Guy didn
  6. I just installed a new 3TB drive in an external case to be used for backup. It replaces a 1TB drive. I formatted it and it only shows as a 746GB drive. Why is it doing this? OS is Win 7.
  7. After reading up on Virtual XP I decided to just buy a new cam. A Logitech C920. The frustrating part is that the Logitech site (probably the most user Unfriendly site I
  8. This is a Logitech webcam I
  9. Well, my other half gave me a Linksys wireless router, and I
  10. Wish there was a way to know. I suspect maybe the router, but maybe the modem? I haven
  11. As I mentioned in my first post, both computers are hard wired to the router. I do not have wireless anything.
  12. IP addresses are different for each computer in the router config. Internet speed right now is 20 mpbs.
  13. Recently I have figured out why my internet connection seems to die at times. When both of us are accessing the internet, all of a sudden, neither of us are able to bring sites up. If just one of us are online, the internet connection is fine. This isn
  14. Works fine. I can see my network and browse the internet just fine.
  15. My first build I ever did was with a DFI board. Dang thing is 7 years old now, still working just fine and has never given me a problem. If DFI was still around, I wouldn
  16. Found one. http://www.anandtech.com/show/6108/gigabyte-gaz77xud5h-review-functionality-meets-competitive-pricing
  17. The ASUS board I have now has had a lot of negative reviews since I bought it, and many with dead USB 3.0 ports, so there must be something to the bad reviews. Both my board and the Gigabyte have lots of negative reviews and some 5 egg reviews. If anyone knows of professional reviews of the Gigabyte board, I
  18. Since three of you recommended the Gigabyte GA-Z77X-UD5H board, I looked at it on Newegg. Very nice looking board. Might give this one a try with the next build. However, it sure has a lot of negative reviews at Newegg. Should that give me pause?
  19. I think the easiest thing for me to do is just buy a new board. Same board I have to reduce complications of install and getting the computer up and running again. Then RMA this board. Hang on to the new RMA board till I know for sure the one I buy is not going to give me any problems, and sell the RMA board. The board is $25 cheaper than when I bought it, so I should be able to give someone here on the forum a good deal. I
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